Discover the stories of the 23 Battleships (BB) in the U.S. Navy fleet in Pearl Harbor and WWII, the lesser known facts about the USS Missouri, and USS Arizona, how decommissioning of a battleship happens, and more.

USS Nevada - The Navy’s First Super-Dreadnought

April 11, 2017 ·  
On December 7th, 1941, eight battleships were moored in a grouping at Pearl Harbor, making up what’s become known as Battleship Row. The USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma, two of Pearl Harbor’s ill-fated vessels, were moored there and received the brunt of the Japanese attack, but they were far from the only tragedies felt that […]
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Legacy of the USS Tennessee

April 07, 2017 ·  
Many US Navy vessels were present during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but it was the battleships that bore the brunt of the surprise attack. Among the mighty vessels moored within the harbor, lined up perfectly for Japanese bombers to target them, was the USS Tennessee (BB-43). While not as widely recognized as the USS Arizona, the Tennessee’s […]
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Pearl Harbor’s Forgotten Battleship

March 21, 2017 ·  
Touring the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor located on the south coast of Oahu, you can learn and understand the stories behind the battleships USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Missouri (BB-63), and the USS Oklahoma (BB-37). These ships are prominent features of the harbor, each with its own exhibits, but anyone […]
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The Legacy of the USS Nevada

March 07, 2017 ·  
Pearl Harbor was such a profound shock to the United States that, even 75 years later, we continue to talk about the attack and its continued impact on the nation. Responsible for bringing the United States into World War II, it’s imperative we never forget the attack, and equally important is that we don’t forget those […]
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Even More Pearl Harbor Facts

March 02, 2017 ·  
When it comes to the most important events in history, there are typically little tidbits of information not readily known, sometimes even by those who were involved in the event. The attack on Pearl Harbor may have only lasted a few hours, but there is a slew of incredible factoids that have emerged from it. […]
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USS Nevada at Pearl Harbor

January 20, 2015 · Randy Miller
Battleship USS Nevada (BB-36) was the lead ship of the Nevada class battleships, which included her sister ship USS Oklahoma. 27,500 ton Nevada was launched one year before USS Arizona as the first super-dreadnaught, making her the eldest of the battleships at Pearl Harbor. Nevada fought in WWI in the Atlantic fleet and moved to the Pacific […]
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USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor

December 04, 2012 · Randy Miller
With twelve torpedo launched against her, USS Oklahoma took the brunt of the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor.  Nine of those torpedoes hit their mark.  The torpedo attack ripped open holes in the Oklahoma's hull and caused her to list 40 degrees. Eventually she turned turtle and rolled 135 degrees and 429 men lost their lives. The Oklahoma […]
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History of the USS Missouri

September 02, 2012 · Randy Miller
One of the most famous warships of the US Navy, also known as “Mighty Mo” has left her mark in military and national history of the United States in the 20th century.From grandiose construction through participation in the battles of World War II and the signing of the Japanese surrender, to significant roles in blockbuster movies, […]
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USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor

October 04, 2011 · Randy Miller
The most devastating loss of the attack on Pearl Harbor was on the USS Arizona, accounting for nearly half of the 2403 total deaths. 1,177 men died on the battleship Arizona when a 1765-pound armor piercing bomb exploded, igniting the powder magazine. Admiral Kimmel, who saw the explosion, said he saw "the Arizona lift out of the water, then sink back […]
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Battleship USS Missouri

April 26, 2010 · Randy Miller
The USS Missouri is perhaps the most famous Battleship ever built, she is 887 feet long and displaces 45,000 tons. She has traveled around the world and served her nation for decades. She is the “Mighty Mo.” The story of the USS Missouri begins before World War II in 1940. She was built over the next […]
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