USS Oklahoma Memorial

In honor of the men killed when Oklahoma capsized and sank, the USS Oklahoma Memorial stands on Ford Island directly adjacent to the entrance to the Battleship Missouri, which is moored where Oklahoma was on the morning of December 7, 1941. The memorial provides details about the once-mighty battleship and features 429 white markers, one for each of the crew lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is located near the entrance to the USS Missouri on Ford Island in the middle of the harbor.  You can visit the memorial on all tours that visit the USS Missouri.


The USS Oklahoma Memorial is one of the newer sites at Pearl Harbor. Constructed in 2007, this memorial honors the crewmen and Marines of the Oklahoma. On the day of the Japanese attack, less than a third of the Oklahoma’s crew escaped. Unlike the USS Arizona however, the Navy salvaged the Oklahoma and brought it back to the surface in November, 1943. All the bodies were recovered and given a proper burial.

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The History of the USS Oklahoma

With twelve torpedoes launched against her, USS Oklahoma took the brunt of the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor.  Nine of those torpedoes hit their mark. The torpedo attack ripped open holes in the Oklahoma’s hull and caused her to list 40 degrees. Eventually she turned turtle and rolled 135 degrees and 429 men lost their lives.


The Oklahoma was a Nevada Class battleship. She was moored on battleship row with her sister ship Nevada. The Nevada class battleships were oil-fired instead of coal-fired like the USS Arizona.  She was also smaller than the Arizona at 583 feet and 27,100 tons. Oklahoma was commissioned in 1916.

USS Oklahoma Memorial
21.3665° N, 157.9368° W

Helpful Tips

The Oklahoma Memorial is located on Ford Island, directly adjacent to the Battleship Missouri, make the time to walk the tour and pay respects to the USS Oklahoma. 

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