Aircraft Carriers

The history of the aircraft carrier begins long before Pearl Harbor and World War II. These large vessels’ origins kick off in the early 20th century. Read more about the inception of these mammoth ships and the history of the fleet including The USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, and USS Saratoga.

New Aircraft Carrier To Be Named for Doris Miller

January 20, 2020 ·  
Many of the heroes of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor have been honored with medals and citations. Some have even had US Navy ships named in their honor. One notable figure from the attack, however, is receiving an unprecedented honor. According to Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, the United States […]
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The Only Mission of USS Liscome Bay

February 22, 2019 ·  
On December 9, 1942, just over a year after the United States suffered the attack on Pearl Harbor, the keel of a new Casablanca–class escort carrier was laid down at the Kaiser Shipbuilding Company in Vancouver, WA. Launched in June of 1943, the new ship was christened USS Liscome Bay (CVE-56), and commissioned into the U […]
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Named for a Legend: USS Nimitz Turns 50

June 29, 2018 ·  
December 7th, 1941 changed many lives forever. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Nimitz was promoted to head the US Pacific Fleet, eventually becoming commander of all sea, air, and land forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations. In recognition of his outstanding service during World War II, Nimitz received the honor of […]
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Turning Point: The Battle of Midway

May 06, 2017 ·  
  On December 7th, 1941, an aerial force of the Imperial Japanese Navy entered American airspace and commenced one of the worst attacks ever felt on American soil. The Territory of Hawaii came under fire as Japanese bombers and fighter planes fired off a relentless barrage, devastating the US Pacific Fleet. Over 2,400 Americans died […]
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Where the Japanese Went Wrong at Pearl Harbor

April 21, 2017 ·  
Looking at the events of Pearl Harbor, it may seem like the United States suffered the greatest blow it could have that day, but in retrospect, the outcome could have been far worse. The United States was able to recover from the blow quickly—something Japan had not counted on—and become a formidable foe in the […]
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Even More Pearl Harbor Facts

March 02, 2017 ·  
When it comes to the most important events in history, there are typically little tidbits of information not readily known, sometimes even by those who were involved in the event. The attack on Pearl Harbor may have only lasted a few hours, but there is a slew of incredible factoids that have emerged from it. […]
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