Battleship Missouri Memorial

The USS Missouri is perhaps the most famous Battleship ever built, she is 887 feet long and displaces 45,000 tons. She has traveled around the world and served her nation for decades. She is the “Mighty Mo.” and the second most popular site and one you certainly do not want to miss.


Choose a tour or passport ticket. The tour guide will take you to the most interesting parts of the ship and can tailor your tour to your interests. Be sure to ask the guides all of your questions. The Mighty Mo ticket offers a choice of a guided 35-minute look into the history of the Missouri or a 2-hour self-guided experience. Visitors can also choose to wander freely around the ship, stopping and spending time wherever their curiosity leads.

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The History of the USS Missouri

The story of the USS Missouri begins before World War II in 1940. She was built over the next four years and was commissioned in 1944. Senator Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret Truman christened the ship named after their home state.


After launching the Missouri she left the east coast through the Panama Canal to San Francisco, then Hawai‘i, to join the Pacific Fleet in Asia. She supported the troops landing in Iwo Jima.

Battleship Missouri Memorial
21.3665° N, 157.9368° W

Helpful Tips

This is our advice for anywhere that you plan to tour. The more you know, the more enjoyable it is. For example, did you know that it was on the decks of the Battleship Missouri that the Japanese surrendered in Tokyo Bay ending WWII took place?

There you’ll find current security information, including rules that you cannot drive your rental car to the USS Missouri and that bags of any kind are not allowed. It is important to be aware before going.

Remember, no bags of any size are allowed anywhere at Pearl Harbor, including on the Missouri. Backpacks, camera bags, purses, luggage, and fanny packs must all be left at the baggage storage at the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

While the Missouri has plenty of shade, there are areas of the Battleship that are in direct sunlight. You don’t want to miss out one those sights because you are unprepared for the powerful Hawaiian sun.

Look over the port side of the Battleship Missouri to see the dent left by a failed kamikaze. There is now an exhibit at the memorial about kamikazes of WWII. Have a look at it as well.

She was the star of the movie Battleship. Perhaps you didn’t watch this big-budget film when it came out, but you should now because it has great footage of the Missouri. Another film with good shots of the ship is Under Siege with Steven Segal.

This is not one of the most-visited sites at Pearl Harbor, but it is a well-designed memorial to the men who died on the USS Oklahoma during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A visit can be done in 5 minutes after touring the Battleship Missouri.

Everybody needs sustenance, and wandering around a huge World War II-era battleship is sure to get the appetite going. Near the Battleship Missouri, guests will find Slider’s Grill for a Chicago hot dog or perfectly grilled cheeseburger. Wai Momi Shave Ice complements that burger with flavorful and colorful shaved ice or even a cinnamon-laced churro. For simple drinks and snacks, there’s the Battleshop, a sort of convenience store for Battleship Missouri guests.

While you’re free to wear what you find comfortable, please use common sense when dressing for your visit. It’s not appropriate for a place like Pearl Harbor to wear a bathing suit or clothing with profanity. Not only is the Battleship Missouri a family attraction, but it’s also one that deserves respect for its place in US history.

Most areas of the Battleship Missouri are handicap-accessible with wheelchair ramps and elevators that take guests to the various levels including the spot where the Japanese signed the Instrument of Surrender ending World War II.

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