More than one ship was sitting in the harbor that day. In fact, eight battleships, three cruisers, and four destroyers were there when the bombs started to fall.
Some sunk, sustained minor damage, or returned Japanese fire. Discover how these fine ships played a vital role on the "date that would live in infamy."

Understanding US Navy Ship Designations

March 04, 2020 · Chris 
For a civilian, understanding the terminology used by the United States Navy can seem complicated. When it comes to something as simple as the naming of ships, there’s a lot to consider For instance, we know USS Arizona by the name she was given when she was commissioned into service. When you start to research […]
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New Aircraft Carrier To Be Named for Doris Miller

January 20, 2020 ·  
Many of the heroes of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor have been honored with medals and citations. Some have even had US Navy ships named in their honor. One notable figure from the attack, however, is receiving an unprecedented honor. According to Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, the United States […]
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Discoveries of R/V Petrel in 2019

December 24, 2019 · Chris 
2019 was a very active year for the Research Vessel Petrel. An ambitious project launched by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, Petrel has continued to search the deep waters of the Pacific even after Allen’s death in October of 2018. Since 2015, R/V Petrel has made many amazing discoveries, including some of the major American and […]
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The Heroism of YG-17 at Pearl Harbor

April 04, 2019 ·  
Naval ship categories often have names that sound important to wartime efforts. Destroyers, aircraft carriers, battleships, minelayers – they’re all very clearly involved in some form of naval combat. Some, however, aren't so obvious. What, for example, are garbage lighters, and how could they render assistance during a devastating attack such as that which was […]
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Wreckage of USS Strong Located

March 12, 2019 ·  
Paul Allen passed away in 2018, but the expedition team he once spearheaded is still going strong, carrying on his legacy of uncovering important pieces of history in the Pacific. In the first few months of 2019 alone, the ship he sponsored, R/V Petrel, uncovered the first Japanese battleship sunk by the United States in […]
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The Only Mission of USS Liscome Bay

February 22, 2019 ·  
On December 9, 1942, just over a year after the United States suffered the attack on Pearl Harbor, the keel of a new Casablanca–class escort carrier was laid down at the Kaiser Shipbuilding Company in Vancouver, WA. Launched in June of 1943, the new ship was christened USS Liscome Bay (CVE-56), and commissioned into the U […]
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Pearl Harbor Ships Returned to Service

February 02, 2019 ·  
In the wake of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, more than 2,400 American lives were lost and the US Navy suffered a terrible blow to its Pacific Fleet. Nineteen vessels suffered damage, nearly half of which were sunk or partially sunk. While USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Oklahoma (BB-37), and USS Utah (AG-16) […]
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Terms To Know: Shakedown and Overhaul

January 24, 2019 ·  
Reading through military history is likely to bring up a few unfamiliar words and phrases. For instance, what does it mean when a vessel undergoes a “shakedown cruise” or an “overhaul”? Understanding terms like these helps to expand your knowledge about naval operations, which will come in handy as you read up on some of […]
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Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS Widgeon

December 25, 2018 ·  
USS Widgeon (AM-22/ASR-1) was laid down in October of 1917 and commissioned into service on July 27, 1918, just four months before the end of World War I. The new minesweeper was thrust into the First World War almost immediately after commissioning. Widgeon served in the Atlantic Fleet's Minesweeping Group 2 during the final months of […]
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Who Was Pearl Harbor's Highest-Ranking Casualty?

October 15, 2018 ·  
Many names stand out when learning about the tragedy that unfolded at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Some are remembered for their bravery under fire, and a few were awarded the Medal of Honor for actions that day. One of these men was Rear Admiral  Isaac C. Kidd, Pearl Harbor's highest-ranking casualty.   Early Career […]
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