Japanese Leaders

Minoru Genda and His Role in the Pearl Harbor Attack

By: Mark Loproto

An assault as complex as the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor required ideas and input from many different sources. To sail across the Pacific and launch an attack... Read More

America’s Revenge on Yamamoto

By: Mark Loproto

On April 18, 1943, the United States finally got its revenge on the man responsible for the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor seventeen months previously. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto had been... Read More

Milestones on the Road to Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

On December 7th, the United States will once again commemorate the anniversary of the tragic attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base. Seventy-six years ago, the nation experienced a terrifying... Read More

Opposing the Pearl Harbor Attack: Japan’s Internal Struggle

By: Mark Loproto

Looking back at the events that unfolded on December 7th, 1941, it's reasonable to assume that all Japanese officials were supportive of the surprise attack. While the decision did have... Read More

The Notable Names of Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Any event that looms as large in the timeline of American history as the attack on Pearl Harbor is bound to leave a number of names and details that define... Read More

The Commander Who Launched the Pearl Harbor Attack

By: Mark Loproto

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was responsible for planning the devastating attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, but he was not present for the attack itself. While he remained... Read More

Mitsuo Fuchida’s Battle Map

By: Mark Loproto

Mitsuo Fuchida, the man who led the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Striking Force at Pearl Harbor, was also responsible for the overall coordination of the attack. Though Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto planned the attack up... Read More

The Leader of the Japanese Striking Force

By: Mark Loproto

The planning of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was headed by Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku. Though he was the idea man who determined when and how the attack would take place, Yamamoto... Read More

Admiral Yamamoto’s Doubts

By: Mark Loproto

In the quiet of a Sunday morning in December, the skies over Pearl Harbor erupted in a hail of bullets, bombs, and torpedoes. The calm waters below instantly became a... Read More

Three Key Players of Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

For the attack on Pearl Harbor to be orchestrated, Japan needed somebody at the helm. For the United States to react, a government official would need to step forward. To... Read More

The Mind Behind Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Who was the mind behind Pearl Harbor? War with the United States was inevitable. Though the Americans refused to pick up arms and join the battle, it would only be... Read More

Emperor Hirohito Radio Address on August 15, 1945

By: Bruce D.

The following is a translation of Emperor Hirohito's radio address from August 15, 1945 accepting the Allies terms of surrender. The language that he spoke in was very difficult for... Read More

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

By: J. Owen

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the key strategist of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although he had serious reservations about a war with the United States, as Admiral he had a responsibility.  The... Read More

Chuichi Nagumo, Vice Admiral IJN

By: J. Owen

Despite the fact that he was opposed to the attack on Pearl harbor, Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo was in command of the carrier-centered Mobile Force (Kido Butai). The task force... Read More

Mitsuo Fuchida, Japanese Commander at Pearl Harbor

By: J. Owen

Commander Mitsuo Fuchida led the first wave of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the pilot who famously sent the signal Tora, Tora, Tora, the code words that they had... Read More

Emperor Hirohito

By: J. Owen

On Christmas Day 1926 Prince Hirohito became Emperor of Japan. He was 25 years old and reigned as the 124th Emperor. Hirohito chose the name "Showa", meaning "enlightened peace", to... Read More

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