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Best—and Worst—Days to Visit Pearl Harbor

November 02, 2019 ·  
If you're among the thousands of people planning a trip to Hawaii over the holiday season, you're also probably starting to think about tours and activities while you're here, including a visit to Pearl Harbor. Looking at the days you have available and matching them with the activities you want to book, it's helpful to […]
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Should I Visit Pearl Harbor on December 7?

October 24, 2019 ·  
Each year on December 7, the nation remembers the brave servicemen who lost their lives during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and other military targets on Oahu. The more than 2,400 Americans killed on that long-ago Sunday morning are commemorated through ceremonies held across the country and at the site of the devastating attack […]
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Last-Minute Pearl Harbor Tours

October 22, 2019 ·  
Planning a vacation can be difficult. There are so many moving parts to make fit together. Flights, ground transportation, accommodations. That’s why, try as you might to get everything done ahead of time, you may realize you overlooked a few details - like booking your Pearl Harbor tour. Maybe it wasn’t exactly an oversight, and […]
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Will USS Arizona Ever Be Raised?

October 10, 2019 ·  
On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, on the island of Oahu, was the site of a surprise attack that resulted in the loss of more than 2,400 lives. The primary targets of the Imperial Japanese Navy were the battleships moored along Battleship Row. Among them was USS Arizona (BB-39). The mighty warship suffered severe damage […]
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Tips for Your Inter-Island Pearl Harbor Tour

October 08, 2019 · Chris 
If you’re staying on a Hawaiian island other than Oahu and want to visit Pearl Harbor; trying to coordinate flights and tours might at first glance seem like too much of a hassle to even attempt. In fact, we make it really simple. Regardless of whether you're staying on Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island […]
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Best Pearl Harbor Tours for Shutterbugs

October 04, 2019 ·  
For any photography buff,  knowing how and where to get the best shots is vital, and the Pearl Harbor National Memorial is no exception. There is so much to see (and photograph) here. So, what are the best Pearl Harbor tours for shutterbugs? When booking your Pearl Harbor tour, any of these options will help […]
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Why Pay for a Pearl Harbor Tour?

September 20, 2019 ·  
One of the first pieces of information about visiting Pearl Harbor you're likely to come across is that tickets for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, including the USS Arizona Memorial program, are free. Which brings up the very reasonable question, "Why pay for a Pearl Harbor tour?" Actually, there are several good reasons. Let’s take […]
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Your Time Aboard the USS Arizona Memorial

September 11, 2019 ·  
For many travelers to Oahu, visiting Pearl Harbor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if you’re not a big history buff, it's still a place of great significance. Now that the repairs and maintenance have been completed, we've come up with some tips on how to get the most out of your time aboard the USS […]
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Considerations When Choosing a Pearl Harbor Tour

September 05, 2019 ·  
Pearl Harbor tours come in all shapes and sizes. Some take under five hours, others can run upwards of 11. There are those that visit every attraction and those that take you beyond Pearl Harbor to other sites around Oahu. When it comes to choosing a Pearl Harbor tour, your options are virtually limitless. There […]
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USS Arizona Memorial Reopens to Visitors

August 30, 2019 ·  
Undergoing critical repairs since May of 2018, the USS Arizona Memorial has been closed to the public. Beginning on September 1, 2019, visitors will once again be able to board the beautiful and newly renovated structure in Pearl Harbor. Discovery of Damage On May 6, 2018, the USS Arizona Memorial was shut down after personnel […]
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