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"Rosie the Riveter" Inspiration Has Died

May 11, 2021 · Chris 
As we watch the number of Pearl Harbor survivors dwindle, we also bid farewell to other icons of the Second World War. The latest World War II hero to pass away wasn’t a member of the Armed Forces that fought in Europe or the Pacific. On the contrary, she became a beloved symbol of many […]
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Operation K: A Second Pearl Harbor Attack

March 06, 2020 · Chris 
On December 7, 1941, the United States suffered devastating losses during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The assault launched the War in the Pacific and put the entire nation on edge, waiting for a possible follow-up attack or full-on invasion. Though the US mainland remained virtually untouched, Oahu again became a target on March […]
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Pearl Harbor Sites in Chronological Order

February 07, 2020 · Chris 
Pearl Harbor tours are planned out with predetermined itineraries based on each site's location rather than a historical timeline. If you consider the Pearl Harbor sites in chronological order, each one has its place in the timeline of the Pearl Harbor attack and the history of World War II and beyond. The Pearl Harbor Visitor […]
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USS California Survivor Robert Boulton Remembers December 7, 1941

January 15, 2020 ·  
[Editor's note: The following are the recollections of USS California survivor Robert Boulton. We are reproducing them exactly as written. Please be advised that some of the descriptions are graphic, and reflect the horrors of the events of December 7, 1941 and the days that followed. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Boulton and his […]
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What Is Victory Disease?

August 22, 2019 ·  
Looking at the actions of the Japanese military during the early phases of the War in the Pacific, it’s reasonable to believe that they may have gotten overzealous with their expansion across the ocean. In fact, it was Japan’s actions during World War II that spawned the term “Victory Disease.” What Is It? The term […]
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A Brush with the Enemy

May 10, 2019 ·  
On the morning of December 7, 1941, an attacking force of the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise assault on the Oahu naval base of Pearl Harbor. Those stationed at Pearl Harbor and around Oahu had no indication that the attack was coming and never actually saw the fleet responsible for ferrying the more than […]
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USS Nevada Survivor John Danaher Turns 100

October 24, 2018 ·  
John Danaher celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday, October 20, 2018 surrounded by his friends and loved ones. Like any time an individual joins the club of centenarians, it was a joyous occasion marked with plenty of laughter and stories from his long and eventful life. Danaher had some very special stories to tell that […]
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Pearl Harbor and the Visiting Football Teams

June 26, 2018 ·  
The political climate between the United States and Japan was tense when a group of college athletes from two football teams set out from California to Hawaii in November 1941, but there was no indication of the horrors they would be forced to live through shortly after they arrived. Twenty-five players from San Jose State […]
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Barbers Point Lighthouse December 7, 1941

February 10, 2018 ·  
A lot happened on the island of Oahu during the morning of December 7, 1941. Though the devastation at Pearl Harbor and airfields all across Oahu are what's most remembered about that day due to the sheer number of casualties and amount of damage done, there were other stories that tend to get overshadowed by […]
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Annie Fox: Pearl Harbor’s First Female Purple Heart Recipient

August 01, 2017 ·  
  When we think of war, we tend to generalize it as a conflict of men. For millennia, only men served in militaries around the world, but today that's an outdated concept that’s slowly becoming obsolete. During World War II, although American women weren’t offered the chance to take up arms they did participate in […]
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