USS Arizona Memorial

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USS Arizona Memorial Rated #5 Landmarks – US

By: Bruce D.

The same week that the Arizona Memorial had to close because of damage to its dock, TripAdvisor released the Traveler's Choice awards for 2015.  The USS Arizona Memorial ranked #5... Read More

The USS Arizona Memorial Commemorates What?

By: Daniel Garcia

This is a good question because the answer has changed over the years.  The original plan was that the USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the men who died on the USS Arizona. That... Read More

Tips for visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

By: J. Owen

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is an important trip, especially for Americans. This is the place where the United States was attacked and brought into World War II.... Read More

Arizona Memorial

By: J. Owen

The Arizona Memorial is a monument built on top of the sunken battleship USS Arizona. It was built in 1962 as a memorial to 1,177 men who died on the... Read More

USS Arizona Memorial

By: J. Owen

Visit the USS Arizona Memorial The USS Arizona Memorial is located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The memorial is built on top of the sunken Battleship USS Arizona located on Battleship Row... Read More