Understanding US Navy Ship Designations

By: Mark Loproto

For a civilian, understanding the terminology used by the United States Navy can seem complicated. When it comes to something as simple as the naming of ships, there’s a lot... Read More

Discoveries of R/V Petrel in 2019

By: Mark Loproto

2019 was a very active year for the Research Vessel Petrel. An ambitious project launched by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, Petrel has continued to search the deep waters of... Read More

The Heroism of YG-17 at Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Naval ship categories often have names that sound important to wartime efforts. Destroyers, aircraft carriers, battleships, minelayers – they’re all very clearly involved in some form of naval combat. Some,... Read More

Wreckage of USS Strong Located

By: Mark Loproto

Paul Allen passed away in 2018, but the expedition team he once spearheaded is still going strong, carrying on his legacy of uncovering important pieces of history in the Pacific.... Read More

Pearl Harbor Ships Returned to Service

By: Mark Loproto

In the wake of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, more than 2,400 American lives were lost and the US Navy suffered a terrible blow to its Pacific... Read More

Terms To Know: Shakedown and Overhaul

By: Mark Loproto

Reading through military history is likely to bring up a few unfamiliar words and phrases. For instance, what does it mean when a vessel undergoes a “shakedown cruise” or an... Read More

Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS Widgeon

By: Mark Loproto

USS Widgeon (AM-22/ASR-1) was laid down in October of 1917 and commissioned into service on July 27, 1918, just four months before the end of World War I. The new... Read More

Terms To Know: Naval Vessel Register

By: Mark Loproto

Learning about the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the war that followed, there are certain words and phrases that might not be familiar to everyone. When discussing... Read More

Pearl Harbor Terminology: What is a Fleet Problem?

By: Mark Loproto

Studying and understanding the attack on Pearl Harbor, the reasons behind it, and the events leading up to it can be a complicated task. It’s not simply a straightforward matter... Read More

Pearl Harbor Ships on the Morning of the Attack

By: Bruce Danforth

There were 130 vessels of the US Navy's Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the day of the Japanese surprise attack. Ninety-six of the Pearl Harbor ships... Read More

The Fate of the USS California

By: Joe Hyeon

Launched in 1919, USS California (BB-44) was a mighty vessel, the flagship of the US Pacific fleet – an honor she held for 20 years from 1921 until 1941. The... Read More

Remembering History – The USS Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

On December 7th, 1941, a striking force of Japanese fighters and bombers flew into Pearl Harbor and began an assault on the naval base and nearby airfields. The devastation of... Read More

The Lucky Vessels of Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Just under 100 ships were stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese flew in and launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting naval base. While the main targets for attackers... Read More

The Relics of the USS Arizona

By: Mark Loproto

At approximately 0800 on December 7th, 1941, a fleet of Japanese fighters and bombers from the Imperial Japanese Navy flew into Pearl Harbor’s airspace and launched a devastating assault on... Read More

Pearl Harbor by the Numbers

By: Mark Loproto

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a true feel for the scope of an event without concrete numbers to back up the information and make it come to life. You already... Read More

The US Navy’s Recovery After Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

There’s a reason Japan set its sights on Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t just to send a message to the United States, to show that it wouldn’t stand by while the... Read More

A Quiet Sunday Morning in December

By: Mark Loproto

When discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s easy to forget that just moments before the first bombs fell at around 0755, the sailors serving aboard the battleships and other... Read More

Pearl Harbor Welcomes the USS Frank Cable: Bringing Together Generations of Service

By: Mark Loproto

On October 29th, 1979, the USS Frank Cable (AS-40), an American submarine tender, was commissioned into the United States Navy. Her mission was to tend to the Los Angeles-class attack subs... Read More

Even More Pearl Harbor Facts

By: Mark Loproto

When it comes to the most important events in history, there are typically little tidbits of information not readily known, sometimes even by those who were involved in the event.... Read More

Resurrected Giants: The Battleships That Rose To Fight Again

By: Mark Loproto

During the course of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States incurred many losses. Over 2,000 servicemen perished, never to continue the fight against the enemy that defiled their... Read More