After The Attack

When Japan bombed the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, it set into motion a chain of events that changed the course of history. Discover those historical moments that plunged the United States into World War II.

Women of the War

February 28, 2017 ·  
World War II was not just a war fought by the military factions of each country. The moment that the declaration of war rang through the United States, the entire nation invested itself in the conflict overseas. While, for the U.S. at least, it was very much a war fought primarily by men, that doesn’t […]
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What was Learned from Pearl Harbor

February 27, 2017 ·  
From every tragedy throughout history, there was a lesson to be learned. While it may be hidden beneath the sorrow and devastation, the message is there for future generations to learn from. When it comes to the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s easy to get lost in the fact that over 2,400 Americans lost their […]
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Laid to Rest: Burials After the Battle

January 13, 2017 ·  
The battle is long over, succeeded by 75 years of American history, but there are still soldiers who were killed in the thick of the Japanese attack that were somehow never given the proper burial they deserve. Sailors like Walter Henry Sollie, a crewman on the USS Oklahoma, never made it out of the battle […]
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Those Left Behind: Why So Many Fallen Men Remain On Board Their Ship

December 06, 2016 ·  
On December 7, 1941, 1,999 sailors, 233 soldiers, 109 marines, and 49 civilians lost their lives when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred early in the morning, around breakfast time, and many of the men had just started work for the day. Aboard the ships, no one was suspecting as they went about their morning […]
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Battle of Iwo Jima

November 25, 2016 ·  
Pearl Harbor was the start of the Battle of the Pacific and the beginning of the United States' involvement in World War II. Prior to the attack Pearl Harbor, the US had taken a stance of isolationism. Between the Great Depression and vivid memories of World War I, public opinion was decidedly against entering the […]
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Atomic Bomb Memorial at Hiroshima

November 18, 2016 ·  
If you are ever in Hiroshima, Japan, you'll find plenty to do, like visit the beautiful Shukkei-en Garden or see a baseball game at the Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium. But there is one thing that's a must-do. Experience the Atomic Dome, the only remaining building near the epicenter from the atomic bombing on August 6th 1945. Awesome […]
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The Harsh World War II POW Camps

November 15, 2016 ·  
The movie Unbroken followed the heroic story of Louis Zamperini from a rambunctious youth through his meteoric Olympic rise before joining the US Army Air Forces in time for World War II. Like many members of the military, his training brought him to Pearl Harbor, one of the most strategically important bases in the Pacific. […]
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How Did the Allies Win WWII?

November 13, 2016 ·  
From September 1st, 1939 to September 2nd, 1945, most of the world was engaged in a large-scale skirmish that claimed the lives of over 60 million people. The two warring factions, the Allies and the Axis, fought many bloody battles, pushing hard against one another, exhausting resources and men until one side was left with […]
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Battle of Midway

November 11, 2016 ·  
Pearl Harbor was the opening salvo in the battle for the Pacific. By using a surprise attack, the Japanese had hopes of crippling the United States Navy in port. Prior to the start of World War II, Japan had invaded first Manchuria, China, and finally French Indochina. America was leery of Japan’s aggressions but being so far away […]
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The Recovery - Rebuilding Pearl Harbor

October 27, 2016 ·  
“The Japanese specifically chose to attack on a Sunday because they believed Americans would be more relaxed and thus less alert on a weekend.” ~ Jennifer Rosenberg, historian It was one day of infamy – a few hours of nightmare – stemmed from a few minutes of hell. But it led to months of heartache […]
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