After The Attack

When Japan bombed the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, it set into motion a chain of events that changed the course of history. Discover those historical moments that plunged the United States into World War II.

WWII Bombs Hit Japan With Japanese Medals of Peace Strapped on

June 06, 2016 ·  
James H. Doolittle Leads Air Raid on Japanese Homeland Before World War II began, the Japanese awarded medals of friendship and peace to several people in the United States. At the time, these medals were intended to be symbolic of the cooperation, friendship and good relationship held between the United States and Japan. Following the […]
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Japanese Internment: A People Locked Away

May 20, 2016 ·  
A five-year-old sat on a train with his family. He was on an adventure, not understanding why the people around him were crying. As far as he knew his family was on a vacation to a place called Arkansas. Being on an adventure, he didn’t worry when his family arrived at the barbed wire fenced-in […]
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How Women During the Attacks on Pearl Harbor Inspired Women Across the Country

May 07, 2016 ·  
Before the start of World War II, there was much controversy over the place of women in the armed forces. The US military believed that women were more suited to non-combat roles such as nurses, mechanics, drivers, and telegraphers. In Honolulu, servicewomen were living through tense times, and the country felt on the brink of war. But they were making the […]
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How Much of the Film Pearl Harbor is Accurate?

April 29, 2016 ·  
The 2001 film Pearl Harbor was met with a mixed reception at the time of its release. Although it was the most expensive movie ever filmed up to then, critics considered it to be an average film at best and a poor film at worst. Audiences generally enjoyed it, with the exception of some survivors and veterans […]
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Elvis’ Fundraiser Performance in Honolulu for the Arizona Memorial

April 25, 2016 · Jason Alghussein
Shortly after eight o’clock in the morning on December 7, 1941, an armor-piercing bomb struck the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor and caused the nearly-instantaneous loss of more than a thousand brave men on board. Others were injured and lived on, but the battleship sank to the bottom of the harbor. Today, the beautiful Arizona Memorial rests […]
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After the Attack on Pearl Harbor

January 29, 2012 · Randy Miller
After the attack on Pearl Harbor, several things happened. On the isolated island of Nihau, a Japanese plane, crippled in the attack crash landed. A native Hawaiian disarmed the pilot of this plane. A message was quickly sent to the island of Kauai requesting assistance. While being held, the pilot of the plane convinced a […]
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