After The Attack

When Japan bombed the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, it set into motion a chain of events that changed the course of history. Discover those historical moments that plunged the United States into World War II.

The Invisible Effects of Pearl Harbor

June 16, 2017 ·  
The effects of living through an event like the attack on Pearl Harbor are bound to be profound and lasting. Even for those who weren’t on the naval base itself at the time of the attack, being in proximity to it would have been enough to remove any sense of security they may have had. The noises […]
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The Lost Remains of the USS Arizona

June 06, 2017 ·  
Ask anyone who's been to Pearl Harbor about the USS Arizona and they’ll likely tell you about the memorial that sits in the middle of the harbor. As a guest at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, you can visit the wreckage site of the ill-fated American battleship, but there’s actually more to […]
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Japan Since Pearl Harbor: How a Nation Changed Its Views

June 02, 2017 ·  
At the time, it was a necessary action to solidify expansion through Asia and the Pacific. With the United States standing as a potential threat and roadblock, Japan would be without the means to achieve the very broad goals that it had in mind. With the US implementing trade embargoes, there seemed to be only […]
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The Consequences of Pearl Harbor

May 20, 2017 ·  
Every drastic action comes with consequences. On December 7th, 1941, Japan surprised the United States in one of the most stunning moves of the war by bombing the naval base at Pearl Harbor. From that decision to attack the officially-neutral power, a series of consequences was set into motion that changed the course of history forever. Within […]
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The American Fleet Damaged at Pearl Harbor

May 19, 2017 ·  
When discussing the ships lost at Pearl Harbor, it’s easy to focus solely on the battleships that took the brunt of the attack, but there were many other ships present, and few of them emerged from the two-hour assault completely unscathed. The following is a list of American vessels that were significantly damaged or destroyed during the attack […]
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From the Ashes of Pearl Harbor: The US Navy Seabees

May 13, 2017 ·  
The heroes of the United States Navy weren’t only the men and women on the front lines. Behind the scenes, doing incredible things that the general public wouldn’t necessarily know about, was a group of naval volunteers performing tasks that, while they wouldn’t make headlines, would assist in the war in an crucial way. After […]
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The US Navy's Recovery After Pearl Harbor

May 05, 2017 ·  
There’s a reason Japan set its sights on Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t just to send a message to the United States, to show that it wouldn’t stand by while the Americans placed an embargo on the country’s trade. It was a preemptive maneuver to try and diminish the usefulness of the US Navy in the […]
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The Secret Mission After Pearl Harbor

April 01, 2017 ·  
After the smoke of the Pearl Harbor attack started to clear and the United States was able to get a bearing on its situation, government officials knew there was little time to regroup. Whether or not the Japanese would launch another attack or even a full-scale invasion was a question officials had no time to […]
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America After the Attack

March 28, 2017 ·  
It didn’t take long for the attack on Pearl Harbor to change the United States in major ways. An overwhelming amount of support for joining World War II echoed throughout the country after the attack, and residents no longer felt the sense of security of being far away from the war; they suddenly realized that distance alone couldn't […]
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Hawaii After Pearl Harbor

March 08, 2017 ·  
When Japanese fighters breached Hawaiian airspace on the morning of December 7, 1941 and launched a surprise attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor, the entire country changed overnight. From California to Maine, the United States bled patriotism, and joined a war effort they were previously adamant about staying out of. While the nation prepared […]
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