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Common Myths About Pearl Harbor Tours

November 30, 2019 · Chris 
During your research while deciding among the different Pearl Harbor tours, you may come across quite a few opinions about participating in tours in and why you’re better off going solo. Some travelers may not like tours in general, and can be pretty vocal about their feelings online. Others spread second- and third-hand information that […]
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Last-Minute Pearl Harbor Tours

October 22, 2019 ·  
Planning a vacation can be difficult. There are so many moving parts to make fit together. Flights, ground transportation, accommodations. That’s why, try as you might to get everything done ahead of time, you may realize you overlooked a few details - like booking your Pearl Harbor tour. Maybe it wasn’t exactly an oversight, and […]
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Budget-Friendly Pearl Harbor Tours

August 01, 2019 ·  
For many people, making—and sticking to—a budget is a factor in everything from planning a trip to the grocery store trip to deciding on details of a Hawaii vacation. Pearl Harbor is a must-see destination, and there are options to fit nearly every pocketbook. Here's a look at some of the more budget-friendly Pearl Harbor […]
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The USS Arizona Memorial Program

July 11, 2019 ·  
One of the first things you hear about in any discussion of a visit to Pearl Harbor is the USS Arizona Memorial program. But what exactly is it? You probably already know that the USS Arizona Memorial is a structure anchored directly above the sunken wreckage of a US Navy battleship that exploded and sank […]
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What Time Should I Arrive at Pearl Harbor?

June 11, 2019 ·  
There are a number reasons why you may not want to embark on an official Pearl Harbor tour. Maybe you don’t want to be tied to a schedule, or you want the freedom to go somewhere besides back to your hotel after your time at Pearl Harbor. You might just want to customize your itinerary […]
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Planning Guide for Visiting Pearl Harbor

May 02, 2018 ·  
Pearl Harbor is an iconic location, a major piece of the history of not just Hawaii, but of the United States and the world. The December 7, 1941 attack changed the United States forever, forcing it into a war that would transform it into the global power we know it as today. Visiting Pearl Harbor […]
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Tips for visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

November 20, 2014 · Randy Miller
Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is an important trip, especially for Americans. This is the place where the United States was attacked and brought into World War II. We were caught off guard and as a result thousands died. On the USS Arizona alone, 1,177 were killed. This important site sees thousands of visitors […]
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Remember Pearl Harbor Tour from Waikiki

Guided Tour

6-7 hours (approx.)
From $129

The Complete Pearl Harbor Tour Experience With Lunch

Guided Tour

10.5 hours (approx.)
From $204

Pearl Harbor & Honolulu City Tour from Waikiki

Guided Tour

5.5 hours (approx.)
From $67

Official Passport to Pearl Harbor


6-8 hours (approx.)
From $89.99
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