Ships of Pearl Harbor

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, more than one ship was sitting in the harbor that day. In fact, eight battleships, three cruises and four destroyers were present in the harbor when the bombs started to fall. Though some - like the USS Arizona would sink - others sustained minor damage. Others even returned Japanese fire.

Check out the histories of these fine ships of Pearl Harbor and discover how each one played a vital role on the "date that would live in infamy."

Will USS Arizona Ever Be Raised?

By: Mark Loproto

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, on the island of Oahu, was the site of a surprise attack that resulted in the loss of more than 2,400 lives. The primary... Read More

The Hospital Ship USS Solace

By: Mark Loproto

For 14 years, the SS Iroquois sailed the world’s waters as a passenger ship. It was a relatively quiet and calm life, save for the possibility of the occasional seasick... Read More

Why Was the USS Utah Targeted?

By: Mark Loproto

Given the intent of the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, a question pops up when the events of the day are examined. It’s widely known... Read More

The Story of the USS Helm

By: Mark Loproto

On May 27th, 1937, the USS Helm (DD-388) was launched at the Norfolk Navy Yard, sponsored by the widow of Rear Admiral James Meredith Helm. Five months later, the Bagley-class destroyer... Read More

The Bell of the USS Sacramento

By: Mark Loproto

Relics of the Pearl Harbor attack can be found all over the United States. Tacoma, WA is home to the remains of the USCG Tiger, a vessel that survived the attack... Read More

Facts about the USS Arizona (BB-39)

By: Mark Loproto

When people discuss the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s difficult not to bring up the USS Arizona. Considered one of the greatest tragedies of that day, the mighty Pennsylvania-class battleship... Read More

Legacy of the USS Tennessee

By: Mark Loproto

Many US Navy vessels were present during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but it was the battleships that bore the brunt of the surprise attack. Among the mighty vessels moored within... Read More

Pearl Harbor’s Forgotten Battleship

By: Mark Loproto

Touring the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor located on the south coast of Oahu, you can learn and understand the stories behind the battleships... Read More

America’s Most Heroic: The Ships of Pearl Harbor

By: Joe Hyeon

From any great battle, heroes are born. Though the ashes left behind tell tragic tales, the stories of the heroic acts that saved lives and deterred enemy forces should also... Read More

American Ships Sunk at Pearl Harbor

By: Tara Tyrrell

There were 100 commissioned warships and service auxiliary ships that were present at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked. Although only 16 of... Read More

USS Neosho, Oiler at Pearl Harbor

By: Bruce D.

During WWII Navy oilers were named after rivers. USS Neosho was named after a river in eastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma. It's purpose was to refuel warships. She did far more... Read More

USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor

By: Bruce D.

Affectionately nicknamed "Wee Vee", USS West Virginia was commissioned in in December 1923.  She was moved to Hawaii in 1940 with the US Pacific Fleet and was the youngest of all... Read More

Battleship USS California at Pearl Harbor

By: Bruce D.

USS California Before the Pearl Harbor Attack Launched in 1919, USS California (BB-44) was a proud ship, the flagship of the fleet. She held that title for 20 years from... Read More

Pearl Harbor Ships on December 7th

By: J. Owen

There were 130 vessels in the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the day of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. 96 of the Pearl Harbor... Read More

Battleship USS Missouri

By: J. Owen

The USS Missouri is perhaps the most famous Battleship ever built, she is 887 feet long and displaces 45,000 tons. She has traveled around the world and served her nation for... Read More