To those who served our armed forces and experienced the dreadful attack on Pearl Harbor: we salute you.

USS California Survivor Robert Boulton Remembers December 7, 1941

January 15, 2020 ·  
[Editor's note: The following are the recollections of USS California survivor Robert Boulton. We are reproducing them exactly as written. Please be advised that some of the descriptions are graphic, and reflect the horrors of the events of December 7, 1941 and the days that followed. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Boulton and his […]
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Pearl Harbor Survivors Tell Their Stories

October 19, 2019 ·  
Before embarking on a Pearl Harbor tour, it's a great idea to get some background about the December 7, 1941 attack. First-hand accounts are the best way to get a feel for the events of that fateful day and the war that followed, but the number of Pearl Harbor survivors is dwindling all the time. […]
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Heroes of the Harbor: John Finn

August 29, 2019 ·  
The Medal of Honor isn’t an award given without careful thought and consideration, so those who are chosen to receive it are known for having gone above and beyond the call of duty. In 1942, a US Navy Chief Petty Officer named John Finn became the first serviceman to be awarded the Medal of Honor […]
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George Murray Turns 100

April 04, 2019 ·  
On March 31, 2019, George Murray, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by his wife of 72 years, four daughters, 10 grandchildren, and other relatives for a private celebration of the milestone. The Fort Worth resident was 22 years old when he was thrust into the chaos of […]
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Pearl Harbor Survivor Patrick McIntyre Passes Away at 96

February 05, 2019 ·  
The Memphis, Tennessee area said goodbye to its last known Pearl Harbor survivor with the passing of Patrick McIntyre on January 25, 2019. At 96 years old, McIntyre was one of a dwindling number of survivors of the December 7, 1941 attack that launched the War in the Pacific. McIntyre was revered in his community […]
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USS Schley Survivor Joe White

December 19, 2018 ·  
The 1930s were difficult for the United States. The Great Depression gripped the nation, causing economic worry from coast to coast. Families did what they could to survive. Even children chipped in, selling newspapers or working on farms and picking up whatever odd jobs they could find. Such was the youth of Joseph Merrel White, […]
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Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor Has Died at 106

November 25, 2018 ·  
Ray Chavez, the oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 21, 2018. He was 106. According to his daughter Kathleen Chavez, the veteran’s health had been in decline in recent weeks. Chavez, a San Diego resident, was more than just a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was […]
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Another Honor for Pearl Harbor Hero Joe George

September 20, 2018 ·  
On December 7, 2017, Joe George, a man best known for his heroics during the Pearl Harbor attack that saved several sailors trapped on the USS Arizona (BB-39), was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star Medal for Valor. It was an award that was a long-time coming, hindered by the fact that George had disobeyed a […]
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Pearl Harbor Survivor Ed Johann Turns 95

July 10, 2018 ·  
In 1941, one of the greatest tragedies in American history happened at Pearl Harbor, in the Territory of Hawaii, when Japanese airplanes launched a surprise attack on the Navy base on a quiet Sunday morning. Millions were affected by this attack, many of them just teenagers. One of these young men was Ed Johann. Fascinated […]
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Edward Killeen, USS Tennessee Survivor

June 18, 2018 ·  
Edward Killeen was born on June 18, 1922 in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in that landlocked place, he didn't have an opportunity to travel by sea or experience life aboard a ship. His only route to joining the United States Marine Corps was through his musical talent. He enlisted as a bugler, and was stationed […]
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