Heroes and Survivors

The stories and legacies of the brave who served in the armed forces for the United States will live on.
Learn about the heroes and survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack and their tales of courage and selflessness that will restore pride for our fellow citizens for generations now and in the future.

DNA Identification and the Men of the Oklahoma

October 24, 2017 ·  
For more than seven decades, the families of many of the 429 men who perished when the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) sank were unable to give their loved ones a proper burial, since their remains were unidentified, lying in mass graves at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Punchbowl Crater on the island of […]
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Heroes of the Harbor: Anna Urda Busby

October 11, 2017 ·  
Not long after the United States was dragged into World War II, the role of America's women changed drastically. Once limited to being schoolteachers, housewives, and secretaries, many women found themselves working in local factories and other wartime facilities in order to fill the gaps left by the men who went off to war. While […]
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The Notable Names of Pearl Harbor

October 09, 2017 ·  
Any event that looms as large in the timeline of American history as the attack on Pearl Harbor is bound to leave a number of names and details that define it. From the types of armament used by Japan’s assaulting forces to the American ships targeted and damaged during the attack, there is a lot […]
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USS Honolulu Survivor Charles Mitchell

October 04, 2017 ·  
Charles Mitchell, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor while serving aboard the USS Honolulu (CL-48), passed away on September 28th, 2017, at the age of 94. When we discuss the attack on Pearl Harbor, we’re often so focused on the eight battleships that were the prime targets of the Japanese attack that we almost forget […]
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Julio DeCastro: Hero of the USS Oklahoma

August 21, 2017 ·  
Over 2400 Americans lost their lives when the Japanese launched their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. But amid the tragedy, there were also tales of heroism, of men who swooped in to the rescue, providing aid for those trapped in the most deadly of circumstances. One of these unsung heroes was Julio DeCastro, a civilian […]
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Pearl Harbor Reading: Lauren Bruner’s Second to the Last to Leave USS Arizona

August 05, 2017 ·  
There are many sources you can go to for your history lessons, especially for something that was as relatively recent in American history as the attack on Pearl Harbor. Occurring 75 years ago—a short time in the arc of American history—December 7, 1941 was a devastating day that will always be remembered for the over […]
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The Ill-Fated Captain of the USS Arizona

July 29, 2017 ·  
The USS Arizona (BB-39) suffered a fate on December 7th, 1941 that would make her one of the most iconic battleships of all time. During the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, multiple Japanese bombs struck the vessel, ultimately causing her to explode and sink to the harbor floor. With her, over 1,100 men died, most of […]
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Remembering Robert May, USS Arizona Survivor

July 23, 2017 ·  
To have survived the sinking of the USS Arizona was a miracle that not many of her crew were afforded. When she sank to the bottom of Pearl Harbor, her hull torn open by Japanese bombs, she had lost 1,177 members of her crew. The survivors who walked away from the attack, scarred from the […]
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Recognition for Pearl Harbor Hero Joe George

July 12, 2017 · Jason Alghussein
USS Arizona survivor Donald Stratton is looking to press Washington DC lawmakers to honor a fellow Pearl Harbor veteran for the heroic act that saved his life and those of several other Arizona crewmen. After a bomb ignited a huge cache of ammunition, Stratton and five other Arizona sailors were stranded on the burning vessel […]
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Mervyn Bennion: The Last Captain of USS West Virginia

July 11, 2017 ·  
At the age of 54, Mervyn Bennion gave everything he had to his nation and to the men who served under him in the US Navy. Serving as captain of the USS West Virginia (BB-48), his bravery wasn't something that was easily forgotten, earning him a Medal of Honor for having given his life defending his […]
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