USS Sacramento Pearl Harbor Gunboat

By: Bruce D.

The USS Sacramento (PG-19) was at Pearl Harbor during the attack. Although she was in a repair berth, she was already opening fire by 0800, just five minutes after the attack begin.

By 0802, Sacramento reported downing its first Japanese plane. Sacramento is credited with downing at least two enemy planes during the attack.

After the attack was over, Sacramento helped in rescue operations around the harbor. About two dozen sailors from Oklahoma were rescued by Sacramento.

2 thoughts on “USS Sacramento Pearl Harbor Gunboat

  1. Connie Watson Turner says:

    My father, Wilson Pershing Watson, was on the Sacramento during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Our family has his diary written during the war and after the Pearl Harbor bombing. We have an interest in donating his diary to the museum at Pearl Harbor.

    1. m gurnas says:

      Aloha Connie,
      Thanks for your generous offer to donate what sounds like a fascinating artifact! Contact Pacific Historic Parks, and they’ll be happy to help you.

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