USS Dolphin Submarine at Pearl Harbor

By: Bruce D.

The USS Dolphin Submarine was commanded by Lt. Bernard Clarey. He was scheduled to take over command at 0900 on December 7th, 1941. The attack began at 0755. He realized what was happening and rushed to his submarine.

His crew had begun fighting at 0759, very quick to strike back. Unfortunately the guns of the USS Dolphin were not adequate to hit the planes at the distances they needed.  The planes were not interested in the small submarine fleet and were focusing on Battleship Row.

It is not known if the USS Dolphin actually downed a plane or if it was another submarine or destroyer, but they certainly shot. Those not shooting were working hard to replace ammunition or rescue others in the attack.

USS Dolphin fared well sustaining no damage during the attack. She went on to fight bravely during WWII.

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