Pearl Harbor Survivors

To those who served our armed forces and experienced the dreadful attack on Pearl Harbor: We salute you. Your stories are important and we hope that by posting your stories we help everyone to Remember Pearl Harbor.

Many of our brave Pearl Harbor Survivors are no longer with us. It is our duty to keep alive the memories of those who survived and lived to tell their stories, as well as the memories of the heroes who perished at Pearl Harbor.

If you are one of the Pearl Harbor Survivors or you have a friend or relative who is, please contact us. While we are mainly focused on the armed forces personnel at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, we also appreciate stories about civilian Pearl Harbor Survivors.

Our Pearl Harbor Survivor section is growing. It is sorted by the most recent stories.  If you are looking for a specific survivor, please search.

There is no official government list of Pearl Harbor Survivors. Many have chosen to remain quite about the horrendous attack. Others have joined groups to ensure the stories are told.  There are organizations dedicated both to Pearl Harbor Survivors and their children.

If you are related to a survivor or a hero and have been touched by one of their stories, please take the time to comment on their page and like it on Facebook. Their families have told us how happy it makes them to see others continuing to show appreciation for the sacrifices these men and women made.

5 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Survivors

  1. Joseph Milligan says:

    My great grandfather, Earl J. Megahan he was on-board the West Virginia I don’t know much he never really told anyone other than after he jumped ship and swam through the water which was on fire because of the all the oil and when he went on another ship after he jumped they told him to get off and he passed away with only telling my Grandfather of what happened who also passed so we won’t ever really know the full story sadly. If any vets know him or know someone that knew or knows of him that would be awesome. I was only one year old when he passed away so I never got a chance to ask.

  2. Dick Dickens says:

    My dad was at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7. Ed Dickens.

  3. Holly Harris says:

    My grandfather was there dec. 7th . He is still alive and very well at 92. Ed hammond. One of the last few survivors around. Currently residing in south florida.

  4. Perry Thomas says:

    My dad Lewey A Thomas was a survivor. He was aboard USS Maryland. He passed in 2004. Would like to find all the info on his service possible. Thanks Perry

  5. Cheryl Askren Shepherd says:

    My father, Charles F. Askren, was a Machinist 1st Class aboard the USS Sacramento at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941……. Which just happened to be his mother’s birthday!
    My husband is taking me to Hawaii for the first time this May. Pearl Harbor is a place I’ve wanted to see all my life and that dream is about to become a reality. It will be an emotional day for sure but I’m also certain I will feel closer to my dad than I have since he passed away in 1969. ?

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