Visiting Hawaii

Do Any Pearl Harbor Tours Visit Iolani Palace?

By: Mark Loproto

There is so much history on the island of Oahu and in many instances, you’ll be able to explore much of it when you embark on a tour of Pearl... Read More

Beyond Pearl Harbor: Other Oahu Activities

By: Mark Loproto

A trip to Oahu isn’t complete without a visit to the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument to explore the history of Pearl Harbor. The devastating surprise... Read More

4th of July Fireworks over Honolulu

By: Mark Loproto

People in Hawaii are known for their love of fireworks. Any holiday is an excuse for a good pyrotechnic show. In fact,  the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki puts on... Read More

Sights of Oahu – Explore the History, Enjoy the Adventure

By: Mark Loproto

There are many reasons why a trip to Oahu should be on everyone’s bucket list, but there's one that may not have occurred to you. On the southern coast of... Read More

Touring Oahu’s History

By: Mark Loproto

Oahu's History Have you ever wondered just how far back into time the history of a place like Oahu goes? Was it always an incredible getaway or was it once... Read More

The Punchbowl Crater: Beyond the Cemetery

By: Kellar Ellsworth

As one of the most notable landmarks of the island of Oahu, a visit to Punchbowl National Cemetery is an incredible journey through time. Most notably, you’re brought back through... Read More

Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

By: Bruce Danforth

Visitors to Hawaii are often surprised by our prices. Over 80% of the products you find in Hawaii are shipped here, which causes our prices to be higher than other... Read More

Top 4 Oahu Activities

By: Bruce D.

Asking about the most popular activities is a good way to start research about visiting a new place. Oahu has many different activities for many different types of people. At the... Read More

Tour the Hawaiian Islands

By: J. Owen

If you want to tour the Hawaiian Islands you can visit Pearl Harbor from most of the islands. The tours vary on which sites they visit, but all of the... Read More

Places to See in Honolulu

By: J. Owen

Pearl Harbor tops the list of places to see in Honolulu.  There are hundreds of sites that we recommend you see, but we will give you the top 5 here. Punchbowl... Read More

Best Ocean Views Hawaii

By: J. Owen

Which tour should you take if you are looking for the best ocean views? We recommend the Pearl Harbor Circle Island Tour. With this tour you visit the Arizona memorial... Read More

The Top 6 Oahu Tourist Spots

By: J. Owen

It is not easy to plan a vacation. You don't want to miss anything, but you don't want to over-schedule yourself.  If you are traveling with family, then you want... Read More

History of Oahu

By: J. Owen

To most people the attack on Pearl Harbor was the most important event in the History of Oahu.  However, there have been numerous important events in the history of Oahu.... Read More