USS West Virginia Survivors

New Aircraft Carrier To Be Named for Doris Miller

By: Mark Loproto

Many of the heroes of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor have been honored with medals and citations. Some have even had US Navy ships named in their... Read More

USS West Virginia Survivor Archie Kelley Turns 100

By: Bruce Danforth

[caption id="attachment_128947" align="alignright" width="360"] Archie Kelley[/caption] When Archie Kelley turned 100 years old, it was a milestone that many others wished to celebrate with him. Kelley’s 100th birthday wasn’t just any... Read More

Lewis LaGesse: Pearl Harbor Ghost

By: Mark Loproto

“They thought I was a ghost.” Not many people can make that statement with a straight face. World War II veteran Lewis  LaGesse was one man who definitely could, after... Read More

Pearl Harbor Survivor Jim Downing Passes Away

By: Mark Loproto

Jim Downing was a man who embraced his status as a survivor of the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. It was a rare occasion when he wouldn’t take the... Read More

Heroes of the Harbor: John S. Harper

By: Mark Loproto

Before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Navy men like John S. Harper were simply doing their jobs. They woke up, got dressed, and engaged in their daily activities just... Read More

Pearl Harbor Survivor from Colorado James Downing

By: Chris Ramos

INTRODUCTION Remember Pearl Harbor. Weakness invites aggression. Keep America strong. Nobody spreads this message better than Jim Downing. For anyone who has had the opportunity to be engaged by his sharp... Read More

Detailed Story from Pearl Harbor Survivor John A. Rauschkolb

By: J. Owen

Pearl Harbor Survivor John A. Rauschkolb did not talk often about Pearl Harbor before he retired as a US Postal worker. Then he began to share his stories and became... Read More