USS Oklahoma Memorial

Best Pearl Harbor Tours for History Buffs

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A Complete Guide to Pearl Harbor Tours

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New Ships To Bear the Names Arizona and Oklahoma

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It’s been over 75 years since a US Navy ship named USS Arizona or USS Oklahoma was in service. After being destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941,... Read More

Why a Pearl Harbor Tour Provides the Most Information

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Why Pay for a Pearl Harbor Tour?

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Pearl Harbor Tours from Ko Olina

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Popular Pearl Harbor Tours for 2019

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Pearl Harbor Sites Get a New Name

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Organizing Your Visit to Pearl Harbor

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Should I Cancel My Visit to Pearl Harbor If It Rains?

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Don’t Miss These Pearl Harbor Photo Ops

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Pearl Harbor Mystery: Where Is USS Oklahoma?

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Pearl Harbor Then and Now

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Know Before You Go: Pearl Harbor Essentials Pt. 2

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Honoring the 429: The USS Oklahoma Memorial

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What is the Passport to Pearl Harbor?

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Your Pearl Harbor Agenda

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The History of the USS Oklahoma

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Take a trip through the World War II Valor in the Pacific Pearl Harbor National Monument and you’ll find yourself exploring standing dedications to the Battleship Missouri and the sunken... Read More

The USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Oklahoma Memorial

By: Alison

Visitors from all over the globe come to see the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Oklahoma Memorial at Pearl Harbor. These two memorials honor the brave crewmen who tragically lost their lives during... Read More