Why a Pearl Harbor Tour Provides the Most Information

January 16, 2020
by Chris 

There are many reasons to visit Pearl Harbor. At the top on the list is to pay respects to the more than 2,400 brave Americans who died in the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack. Also high on the list is to become better educated about the events of that tragic morning. There are also many reasons why booking a Pearl Harbor tour is the best option. For starters, an official Pearl Harbor tour provides information you won't get if you opt to visit on your own.

There is a lot to see at Pearl Harbor, and having a set itinerary and being guided by someone who knows every step of that itinerary is the best way to visit Pearl Harbor. Simply put, a Pearl Harbor tour provides more information and enhances the experience.

How Does a Pearl Harbor Tour Provide More Information?

If you take a look at the itinerary of a Pearl Harbor tour, you’ll see that every stop has historical importance. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is your first stop. Here, your guide orients you and gives you tips and tricks for making the most of your time here. The Visitor Center is a treasure trove of information, laid out across two exhibits, Road to War and Attack! In addition, there are kiosks that tell survivor stories, artifacts from the attack and its aftermath, and much more.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater interior.
Your guide provides lots of useful tips, such as where to sit in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater

Before boarding a US Navy shuttle boat that takes you to the USS Arizona Memorial, you view a 23-minute documentary film about the battleship and memorial dedicated to the 1,177 men who perished when she exploded and sank.

Your guide awaits you when you return from the time aboard the USS Arizona Memorial. This is another opportunity to get more information from an expert. Don't be shy to ask whatever questions arise while exploring the Visitor Center and the memorial in the harbor. While they do have to stick to a schedule, it doesn’t stop them from providing their guests with both big-picture information and lesser-known facts about the attack on Pearl Harbor. In fact, you can expect to learn some of that information on the drive to Pearl Harbor. Official Pearl Harbor tour guides have a wealth of information about the December 7, 1941 attack, as well as facts about the history, culture, and even the geography of the islands. Pay attention, and by the time you return to your hotel, you, too, will be a Pearl Harbor expert!

It's All About the Expert Guides

It’s because of the tour guides that an official Pearl Harbor tour is the most informative way to visit this historic site. Which attractions you visit will vary based on the tour you choose, but they all include time to explore the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and the USS Arizona Memorial program. Most importantly, Pearl Harbor tours also come with a guide who is deeply knowledgeable about history and is more than happy to share information you might not otherwise be privy to.

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