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The American Aircraft of Pearl Harbor

September 25, 2017 ·  
At 0755 on December 7th, 1941, a striking force of Japanese fighters and bombers flew into Pearl Harbor and decimated the naval base and outlying air fields. The attack came as a complete surprise, robbing the United States of its ability to mount a meaningful counterattack.  In order to ground the American planes and keep […]
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The B-24J-155-CO Memorial

July 19, 2017 ·  
It’s highly recommended that anyone who travels to Oahu take a day out of their schedule of fun in the sun to visit the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and Pearl Harbor Historic Sites. These incredible exhibits and memorials detail one of the most catastrophic events in American history, covering the […]
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The Pacific Aviation Museum: Going Beyond Pearl Harbor

June 13, 2017 ·  
When you arrive at Pearl Harbor to experience the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and the other Pearl Harbor Historic Sites, you probably already know that you’re in for a historical journey back to December 7th, 1941. But is everything within these historically important sites limited to that day? Of course […]
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Commemorating the Battle of Midway

June 10, 2017 ·  
Over 75 years ago, the United States suffered one of the most devastating attacks on its soil. In the wake of the attacks, after being drawn into a war it had vowed to stay out of, Americans were locked in a back-and-forth struggle with the Imperial Japanese Navy, a force that proved to be formidable. On […]
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Pearl Harbor by the Numbers

May 27, 2017 ·  
Sometimes it’s difficult to get a true feel for the scope of an event without concrete numbers to back up the information and make it come to life. You already know that the Japanese launched a devastating attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. You also know that this was the catalyst for […]
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The PBY Catalina: The American Flying Boat

May 09, 2017 ·  
While a multitude of aircraft took part in the action, there was one class of plane that may very well be the most-recognized of all World War II flying machines. The PBY Catalina, otherwise known as the Flying Boat, served a multitude of uses during World War II, having taken part in anti-submarine warfare, convoy […]
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The Mystery of the Sunken PBY-5 Flying Boat

April 27, 2017 ·  
At the onset of the attack on Pearl Harbor, American sailors stationed at the naval base were quick to react to the sounds of gunfire and explosions echoing from Battleship Row. While many of the men were without a means of fighting back, save for rifles that would prove futile against Japanese fighters and bombers, the […]
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