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Other Ships

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Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS Avocet

May 03, 2018 ·  
On September 17, 1918, the USS Avocet was commissioned as a Lapwing-class minesweeper with the hull designation (AM-19). For seven years, she maintained this designation, sailing under the command of Lieutenant Christian Crone. In that seven-year span, Avocet took part in multiple tests and exercises, but never saw any combat. It wasn’t until years after […]
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USS Sotoyomo: The Oldest Ship at Pearl Harbor

February 23, 2018 ·  
The attack on Pearl Harbor that unfolded on December 7, 1941 left the United States reeling. More than 2,400 lives were lost, and massive damage was inflicted on the ships in the harbor and hundreds of aircraft at bases across Oahu. It was an attack intended to completely cripple the US Pacific Fleet, but American resilience […]
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The US Coast Guard Cutter Tiger

January 24, 2018 ·  
In the early morning hours of December 7, 1941, a quiet Sunday in Hawaii, the United States Coast Guard Cutter Tiger was patrolling the waters just outside the naval base at Pearl Harbor. Expecting nothing but peace and calm throughout the day, the Tiger’s crew went about their business as the sun began to break […]
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USS Neosho - From Pearl Harbor to the South Pacific

December 18, 2017 ·  
Stretching 463 miles, cutting through Oklahoma and Kansas, is the Neosho River. Dozens of towns call the banks of the Neosho home, but it’s an otherwise unremarkable waterway in the heart of the United States. What makes the Neosho memorable, however, are the ships of the US Navy that bore its name. The most notable […]
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Resurrecting the USS Oglala

October 05, 2017 ·  
On December 7th, 1917, exactly 24 years prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Oglala (CM-4) began her service in the US Navy. Over the course of her naval career, the Oglala sailed under three different names, including the USS Massachusetts and the USS Shawmut. During World War I, under the name USS Shawmut, she […]
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