Seconds from Disaster: Pearl Harbor Documentary

By: J. Owen

Did you miss National Geographic’s Seconds From Disaster Pearl Harbor Documentary? It is truly worth a watch.

Maybe  you are not able to visit Pearl Harbor.  Maybe you want to prepare for your visit with extra information. Either way, this Pearl Harbor Documentary is an enjoyable way to learn more about the attack. For most people getting into Pearl Harbor history, there are so many questions.

One of the biggest questions is “Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?”

Another question most beginner Pearl Harbor Historians ask is how were they able to get away with a sneak attack. This documentary has more answers about how, than about why.

This Pearl Harbor documentary also answers some other key questions like, “Why did they miss important targets like the fuel tanks and the shipyard?”

Be warned: there is some shocking information about the attack on Pearl Harbor. If you are looking for a Pearl Harbor documentary about the politics of the attack, this is not it.  This is about the attack itself.

The graphics and dramatizations make history come alive.

Watch the Pearl Harbor Documentary

After watching this Pearl Harbor Documentary, you can find more answers about the attack in our FAQs section.

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