Is Pearl Harbor handicap accessible?

Pearl Harbor Visitors Center

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is very accessible for visitors with disabilities.

There is reserved accessible parking in the front lot, which is a short distance from the entrance.

The restrooms, movie theater, exhibit galleries, bookstore, information desk and drinking fountains, Navy shuttle boats, and all three rooms of the USS Arizona Memorial are all fully accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

The facilities are spread out and benches are located throughout the area to allow those challenged by walking an opportunity to rest.

Please note: Pearl Harbor does not offer wheelchairs, except in emergencies.

If you require a wheelchair, we suggest you arrange one from a third party rental company before your visit.

For visitors with hearing impairments, the documentary shown in the theater is fully captioned (in English). There is an induction loop for use with hearing aids.

Visually impaired visitors will find signage in braille in addition to tactile models of various interpretive resources throughout the site. Please click here for a braille-ready file (BRF), which is a digital copy of an embossed braille booklet transcribed from the park brochure.

Medical Concerns

There are no doctors or nurses on-site. EMS is available and a hospital is nearby.

If you have read the security measures, you are aware that no bags or items that offer concealment are allowed at Pearl Harbor. However, if you have a medical need, such as medicine that you need to bring in the park, notify the staff at the security checkpoint. In addition, please let your tour guide and a park ranger know if you have any special needs.

Arizona Memorial

The Arizona Memorial is wheelchair accessible and there is a ramp from the Navy shuttle boat to the memorial.

Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

The museum and park are completely wheelchair accessible. There are two wheelchair accessible restrooms on site. The historic submarine is not accessible. In fact, it can be difficult to explore for those with limited mobility. The stairs are quite steep and designed for young sailors.

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs are welcome in areas of the Museum and Park.

Battleship Missouri Memorial

The Battleship Missouri is wheelchair accessible.  The Battleship Missouri Memorial has wheelchairs available for visitors to checkout at the main entrance.

There are two elevators to the battleship. Visitors in wheelchairs can explore the main deck and the surrender deck. Some parts of the historic ship are inaccessible to wheelchairs because they require steep ladders or high thresholds.

Restrooms, Slider’s Grill and the Victory Store are all accessible to wheelchairs.

For hearing impaired visitors, an AcoustiGuide script is available at no additional charge.

Pacific Aviation Museum

Wheelchairs can access all parts of the Pacific Aviation Museum including the hangars, shop, restaurant, and restroom.

How to book a tour with Handicap Accessibility

Simply make a note when you get to the checkout. Tell us if you are bringing a wheelchair, if it is collapsible and you can step into the vehicle or if you require a lift. Tell us if you have a hearing or vision impairment.

We do not have wheelchairs for rent, but there are many third party wheelchair rental services on Oahu.

We can arrange ADA vehicles with a wheelchair lift. You will also find that our tour guides are very helpful with those who need extra assistance.

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