How much is baggage storage at Pearl Harbor?

The fee for baggage storage at Pearl HarborĀ is $5.00.

There are two storage options:

  • Standard: $5.00 flat rate fee per bag of any size.
  • Locked Storage: $5.00 for smaller bags

Bags are not permitted at Pearl Harbor. This means no items that allow concealment including:

  • back-packs
  • purses
  • fanny packs
  • camera bags or large cameras
  • Luggage
  • diaper bags

We encourage visitors to not bring bags to Pearl Harbor. There is often a line to put your bag in storage and to retrieve it. You cannot have your bag at any of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites. Some visitors miss the Arizona Memorial Program because they are waiting in line for baggage storage. Of course, this is disappointing and refunds are not given in such circumstances.

Tour buses do not permit guests to leave bags in the vehicle unless the bus is a full day private charter remaining on standby waiting for guests to finish their programs.


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