How do I get Arizona Memorial Tickets

Arizona Memorial tickets are included with all of our Pearl Harbor Tours. There is a special system for authorized tour companies to reserve your tickets in advance so you do not have to wait in line at Pearl Harbor.

Some guests prefer to visit Pearl Harbor on their own. They arrive before 6am to ensure that they have a chance to get some of the limited tickets that are reserved for those without advanced reservations.  Individuals may also reserve tickets in advance on Keep in mind this does not include a guide or transportation.

You may have heard rumors about waiting in line for hours in the sun or rain. This was true before the reservation system was implemented. Every day hundreds of people would line up and wait until Pearl Harbor opened its doors and handed each person a ticket one at a time.  Often, visitors who showed up at 7:15am would find out that all of the tickets for the day were gone.

Fortunately, that is no longer necessary thanks to Arizona Memorial tickets reservations. It does still happen though that someone may arrive in the busy summer season at 7:15am and find out that the walk-up Arizona Memorial Tickets have all been handed out.

For that reason we strongly suggest making a tour reservation in advance and ensuring that you get your Arizona Memorial tickets and can enjoy the entire Pearl Harbor Experience.
Arizona Memorial Shuttle Boat docking

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