Did Elvis Presley Pay for the Arizona Memorial?

Several individuals and organizations raised funds to build the Arizona Memorial. National Park rangers at Pearl Harbor are often asked, “Did Elvis Presley pay for the Arizona Memorial”. The answer is that he did not pay for the entire memorial but did contribute.

Elvis Presley held a benefit concert at Bloch Arena to raise money for the Arizona Memorial. This concert raised over $64,000, which was more than 10% of the final cost.  The concert was on March 25, 1961, three years after Ralph Edwards, host of the TV series This is your life, raised $95,000.

At the age of 26, Elvis performed the following songs at the benefit concert:

01. Heartbreak Hotel
02. All Shook Up
03. A Fool Such As I
04. I Got A Woman
05. Love Me
06. Such A Night
07. Reconsider Baby
08. I Need Your Love Tonight
09. That’s Allright
10. Don’t Be Cruel
11. One Night
12. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
13. It’s Now Or Never
14. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
15. Hound Dog

Another rumor regarding Elvis and and the Arizona Memorial is that he was paid for the benefit concert. That is false. In fact, Elvis, along with his manager Colonel Parker made an additional contribution to the efforts to build the memorial.

The Arizona Memorial was dedicated the following year on May 30, 1962.

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