Can we travel between Hawaiian Islands by boat?

Yes you can. There is a cruise ship that does travel between Hawaiian Islands. It is Norwegian Cruise Lines NCL. It is possible to cruise with them. You will have a chance to visit Pearl Harbor as well.

The are notorious for overcharging for activities and putting you on large buses with 50 other people. Most of our Pearl Harbor tours are in small groups for a better experience.

You may have been wondering about chartering a boat to travel between islands. This is common in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. It is not common in Hawaii.  Why?

Our seas are far more treacherous. There is a reason that we are famous for surfing. It is that we have big surf.  We also have plenty of wind and strong currents.  Sailing in Hawaii is great, but it is difficult and not as comfortable as other places in the world. For that reason there is not a thriving charter boat industry.


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