USS Arizona Memorial Program

Fitting a Pearl Harbor Tour in to Your Schedule

By: Mark Loproto

It’s not easy finding time for everything you want to do during your Oahu vacation. With so much to do on the island in the limited time available—from adventures through... Read More

Why Pay for a Pearl Harbor Tour?

By: Mark Loproto

One of the first pieces of information about visiting Pearl Harbor you're likely to come across is that tickets for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, including the USS Arizona Memorial... Read More

Visitors Return to the USS Arizona Memorial

By: Mark Loproto

After a period of repairs that lasted 15 months, visitors to Pearl Harbor will finally be able to return to the USS Arizona Memorial, beginning on September 1, 2019. The... Read More

The USS Arizona Memorial Program

By: Mark Loproto

One of the first things you hear about in any discussion of a visit to Pearl Harbor is the USS Arizona Memorial program. But what exactly is it? You probably... Read More

The US Navy Pearl Harbor Shuttle Boats

By: Mark Loproto

Standing on the shoreline at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you see that you’re separated from the USS Arizona Memorial by a stretch of water. Though you know that the... Read More

The USS Arizona Memorial Documentary

By: Mark Loproto

Before embarking on the US Navy shuttle boat across the waters of Pearl Harbor to the USS Arizona Memorial, visitors to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial are ushered into a... Read More

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