Literature of Pearl Harbor

Donald Stratton, USS Arizona Survivor, Has Died

By: Mark Loproto

On the morning of December 7, 1941, six sailors were rescued from the burning and sinking USS Arizona (BB-39) by Joe George, a crew member of the repair ship USS... Read More

Pearl Harbor Survivors Tell Their Stories

By: Mark Loproto

Before embarking on a Pearl Harbor tour, it's a great idea to get some background about the December 7, 1941 attack. First-hand accounts are the best way to get a... Read More

Pearl Harbor Survivor “Uncle Al” Rodrigues Dies at 99

By: Bruce Danforth

Kauai native Alfred B. Rodrigues, Sr., known to everyone he met as "Uncle Al," passed away on February 24, 2019. The 99-year-old World War II veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor was... Read More

Read Before You Go: All the Gallant Men

By: Mark Loproto

Every Pearl Harbor survivor has a fascinating story to tell. On the morning of December 7, 1941, an aerial striking force of the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack... Read More

Reading Pearl Harbor: I Attacked Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Published in 1949, four years after the end of World War II, I Attacked Pearl Harbor is a first-hand account of the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor, told from an... Read More

Descent into Darkness: The Divers of Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

To get a true sense of the amount of damage done when Japan attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, it’s best to rely on the recollections of those... Read More

Black History Month: Doris Miller, American Hero

By: Mark Loproto

During the attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941, many heroes stepped forward, putting their lives at risk in order to assist their fellow serviceman. Among... Read More

Was the Pearl Harbor Attack Inspired by a Novel?

By: Mark Loproto

Inspiration can come from anywhere and produce unpredictable results. An artist might draw inspiration from the most mundane object. A writer can come up with a fantastical idea based on real... Read More