Japanese Ships

Wreckage of Japanese Battleship Hiei Located

By: Mark Loproto

Although Paul Allen passed away in October of 2018, R/V Petrel continues its search for sunken relics of World War II. The research vessel’s most recent discovery is the wreckage... Read More

Wreckage of Japanese Destroyer Isokaze Located

By: Mark Loproto

The Japanese 1st Air Fleet, or kido butai, that attacked Pearl Harbor was made up of six aircraft carriers escorted by a full complement of battleships, cruisers, tankers, and destroyers. In the... Read More

The Phantoms of the Pacific: Kido Butai

By: Mark Loproto

It patiently waited, its target only 230 miles away. Waves rocked the ships as their commanders prepared for the inevitable launch that would change the world. The Pacific skies were... Read More

The Flag of the Nagato

By: Mark Loproto

After World War II ended with the unconditional Japanese surrender, many of Japan’s ships were confiscated by the United States, their roles shifted from vessels of war to harmless ships... Read More

Yamato: Japan’s Biggest Battleship

By: Mark Loproto

We spend so much time discussing the American battleships that were destroyed and damaged during the Pearl Harbor attack and those that fought in the Pacific all through World War... Read More

Commemorating the Battle of Midway

By: Mark Loproto

Over 75 years ago, the United States suffered one of the most devastating attacks on its soil. In the wake of the attacks, after being drawn into a war it... Read More

The Ships of the Japanese Striking Force

By: Mark Loproto

The success of pulling off the attack on the Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 wasn’t a miracle. The Imperial Japanese Navy employed vessels that made up the well-oiled task... Read More

The US Navy’s Recovery After Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

There’s a reason Japan set its sights on Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t just to send a message to the United States, to show that it wouldn’t stand by while the... Read More

JRS-1 and The Daring Flight of Wesley Hoyt Ruth

By: Mark Loproto

Everybody had their jobs. For Wesley Hoyt Ruth, on December 7th, 1941, when the Japanese started bombing Pearl Harbor, his job was of the utmost importance: locate the Japanese fleet... Read More

Japanese War Machines of the Pearl Harbor Attack

By: Tara Tyrrell

The attack on Pearl Harbor that catapulted the United States into World War II was a devastating blow, and forced the hand of the US to join the Second World... Read More