When to visit Pearl Harbor

October 25, 2016

As you’d already know, Pearl Harbor is located in the beautiful county of Honolulu, on the world’s most popular island holiday destination – Hawaii. Hawaii’s tourism industry, like everywhere in the world, has its high season and low season – and you’re best to follow this guide when you want to plan your visit to Pearl Harbor.

The good news is, the weather in Pearl Harbor is generally great all year round – that’s because it lies quite close to the equator. It is on the north of the line though, so summer and winter are the same as the US, rather than Australia.

Summer in Pearl Harbor can get really humid and hot (averaging around (86 ºF (30º C), which can be uncomfortable if you’re planning on spending time walking around in the sunshine while visiting the memorials. In winter, the daytime temperatures generally average around 77 ºF (25.6º C).

Wreaths hang at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Wreaths hang at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

There is a dry season from April to October, and a wet season from November to March – though, the wet season isn’t much to go by anymore and it’s actually quite dry across the state. Some areas are even considered to be in drought.

December to April is high season for tourists, with the cooler – but still very warm – weather drawing the crowds. This year it’s also the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which means December 7 in particular is going to be huge (bigger than it is every other year) as people pay their respects for the lives lost on that fateful day in 1941. This is also the time of year where you’ll find accommodation and flights are much more expensive.

If you want to avoid so many people and want to get a great travel package deal for your entire Hawaii holiday, you’re best to plan your visit in April or May, September or October. This is during the dry season but the weather is a bit cooler, and Pearl Harbor’s memorials, the beaches, hotels and other attractions are far less crowded.

Aerial View of Pearl Harbor and the distance from Waikiki

Aerial View of Pearl Harbor and the distance from Waikiki

Once you’ve chosen the time of year to go, picking a particular day could also be important. Of course, Pearl Harbor is most crowded on weekends, so if you can, choose a weekday to visit. Arriving earlier in the morning will also see you mingling with less people for space.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter when you go, you need to book ahead. Tours of Pearl Harbor book quickly, so as soon as you have your flights or hotel booked – get your tour organized too.

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