Your Visit to the Battleship Missouri

October 29, 2017

Moored at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor is the mighty Battleship Missouri (BB-63), affectionately known as the Mighty Mo, a proud vessel of the US Navy that was launched in January of 1944. Though the Missouri hadn't even been built when the Japanese launched the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, she did play an important part in the closing months of World War II in the Pacific. In fact, the Missouri was the location where the Japanese Foreign Minister signed the surrender documents finally ending the long war

Today, the Battleship Missouri is open to the public, offering an opportunity to learn about her service, not only during World War II, but also in later US conflicts. A visit aboard this historic vessel also provides a close-up look at the inner workings of the mighty battleships that served the United States throughout the twentieth century.

Before your tour of the Battleship Missouri, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The following are some guidelines, suggestions, and rules that you’ll need to follow in order to get the most out of your time on the mighty ship.

Touring the Missouri

Japanese FM Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender aboard the USS Missouri

Visitors have several different options for touring aboard the Missouri.

The Mighty Mo Pass offers a choice of a guided 35-minute look into the history of the Missouri including standing on the Surrender Deck.

The second option is the Acoustiguide Tour. This self-paced audio tour is available in English, Japanese, or Korean. The two-hour trek throughout the Missouri showcases life aboard battleships and the triumphs of the vessel during and after World War II.

Finally, visitors can choose to wander freely around the ship, stopping and spending time wherever their curiosity leads.



Food Options Near the Missouri

Sliders Grill Chicago dog

Everybody needs sustenance, and wandering around a huge World War II-era battleship is sure to get the appetite going.

Near the Battleship Missouri, guests will find Slider’s Grill for a Chicago hot dog or perfectly grilled cheeseburger. Wai Momi Shave Ice complements that burger with a flavorful and colorful shave ice or even a cinnamon-laced churro.

For simple drinks and snacks, there’s the Battleshop, a sort of convenience store for Battleship Missouri guests.


Baggage Policy, Attire, and Safety

Remember, no bags of any size are allowed anywhere at Pearl Harbor, including on the Missouri. Backpacks, camera bags, purses, luggage, and fanny packs must all be left at the baggage storage at the entrance to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

While you’re free to wear what you find comfortable, please use common sense when dressing for your visit. It’s not appropriate for a place like Pearl Harbor to wear a bathing suit or clothing with profanity. Not only is the Battleship Missouri a family attraction, it’s one that deserves respect for its place in US history.


Most areas of he Battleship Missouri are handicap-accessible with wheelchair ramps and elevators that take guests to the various levels including the spot where the Japanese signed the Instrument of Surrender ending World War II.

The Battleship Missouri is a fascinating piece of history. Just follow these guidelines to get the most out of your time on board.



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