Pearl Harbor Tour Pick-up Options

July 03, 2019

If you rent a car, then Pearl Harbor is easily accessible no matter where you’re staying on Oahu. On-site parking makes it convenient to just pull up, find a spot, and make your way into the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. The downside? You miss out on all of the advantages that come with a Pearl Harbor tour. By joining a tour, you get round-trip transportation, as well as an expert guide who provides a wealth of background information on the drive to Pearl Harbor. They also provide insider tips to ensure that you get the most out of your time there. You don't need to worry about traffic or getting lost. All you need to concern yourself with is the location of your Pearl Harbor tour pick-up.

Which brings us to the question: what are your Pearl Harbor tour pick-up options? The answer to that is, it depends on where you're staying. The most popular pick-up locations are in Waikiki, which is where the great majority of visitors to Oahu opt to stay. Waikiki is convenient to much of the island’s adventures, dining, and shopping, and is an easy drive to Pearl Harbor.

There are many Pearl Harbor tour pick-up options in Waikiki

There are many Pearl Harbor tour pick-up options in Waikiki

Generally, for Waikiki guests, the pick-up locations are either at or very near their hotel. Since most Waikiki-area hotels are concentrated within a few square blocks, you can expect your pick-up spot to be no more than a five-minute walk from your location.

It doesn't get much more convenient than that, but not everyone stays in Waikiki. While some tours require you to find your own way to the tour destination, that’s not how things work here. To make your life as simple as possible for your tour of Pearl Harbor, we offer a few options available based on where you’re staying.

One thing that's not an option is to meet the tour at Pearl Harbor. This is prohibited in all cases, and if someone offers to meet you at Pearl Harbor for a tour, it's a sure sign that they are not an authorized tour operator.

Pearl Harbor Tour Pick-Up Locations on Oahu's North Shore

The North Shore is not a particularly convenient distance to Pearl Harbor. On a good day, it can take an hour to drive from north to south. It’s probably not something you want to deal with on the day of your tour, but if you book a tour that only picks up in Waikiki, you will have to make your way there in plenty of time to be picked up at one of the designated locations.

Luckily, there is an alternative that is far more attractive for many guests. Instead of having to drive all the way to Waikiki, you can book a tour that picks up at Turtle Bay Resort. Depending on where on the North Shore you’re staying, that may still require a short drive or a taxi ride, but it’s much easier than having to make your way to Waikiki.

West Side Pick-Ups

Ko Olina is home to several large resorts

Ko Olina is home to several resorts

There are several large resorts located on Oahu’s leeward (western) side, and many tours of Pearl Harbor cater to guests staying there. A drive to Waikiki from Ko Olina, can easily take 40 minutes or more, and requires you to drive past Pearl Harbor. Since that would be quite a wasteful route to take, we offer a number of tours that originate in Ko Olina, home to Disney's Aulani and the Four Seasons resorts, among others.

It’s always good to have options. It’s even better when those options include convenient pick-up right from your hotel!


None of the Above…

These are the main locations for Pearl Harbor tour pick-up, but some guests choose to stay at other places scattered around Oahu. For them, the best option is to drive to Waikiki and park at either the Ala Moana Hotel or the Honolulu Zoo. Part of the tour reservation process is entering the name of your hotel or the address where you're staying. Your confirmation email will indicate the best pick-up location. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get there, as the driver can't wait for late arrivals.

What’s My Pick-Up for an Inter-Island Tour?

Whether you’re coming from Maui, the Big Island, or Kauai, all guests on tours including flights are met at the Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu International Airport. Transportation to and from the originating airport is not included. When you land in Honolulu, your guide meets you at the airport, and at the end of the tour, you’re taken back to the airport for your return flight.

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