Pearl Harbor Ships on December 7th

October 20, 2012
by Randy Miller

There were 130 vessels in the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the day of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. 96 of the Pearl Harbor Ships were warships.  8 were battleships, of which 7 were lined up like easy targets on Battleship Row.

For more information about each ship, click the link. If you have more information that you would like to contribute contact us. If you knew someone on board one of these ships, search for them in our Pearl Harbor Heroes, or Pearl Harbor Survivors. Don't forget to comment.

Below is a list of the Pearl Harbor Ships

(Ships in red with * = Sunk or destroyed)

Battleships (BB)

Pennsylvania (BB-38) (in Dry Dock No.1)

Arizona (BB-39)*

Nevada (BB-36)*

Oklahoma (BB-37)*

Tennessee (BB-43)

California (BB-44)*

Maryland (BB-46)

West Virginia (BB-48)*

Heavy Cruisers (CA)

New Orleans (CA-32)

San Francisco (CA-38)

Light Cruisers (CL)

Raleigh (CL-7)

Detroit (CL-8)

Phoenix (CL-46)

Honolulu (CL-48)

St. Louis (CL-49)

Helena (CL-50)

Destroyers (DD)

Allen (DD-66)

Schley (DD-103)

Chew (DD-106)

Ward (DD-139) (patrolling entrance to Pearl Harbor)

Dewey (DD-349)

Farragut (DD-348)

Hull (DD-350)

MacDonough (DD-351)

Worden (DD-352)

Dale (DD-353)

Monaghan (DD-354)

Alywin (DD-355)

Selfridge (DD-357)

Phelps (DD-360)

Cummings (DD-365)

Reid (DD-369)

Case (DD-370)

Conyngham (DD-371)

Cassin (DD-372) (in Dry Dock No.1)

Shaw (DD-373) (in floating drydock YFD 2)

Tucker (DD-374)

Downes (DD-375) (in Dry Dock No.1)

Bagley (DD-386)

Blue (DD-387)

Helm (DD-388) (underway, nearing West Loch)

Mugford (DD-389)

Ralph Talbot (DD-390)

Henley (DD-391)

Patterson (DD-392)

Jarvis (DD-393)

Submarines (SS)

Narwhal (SS-167)

Dolphin (SS-169)

Cachalot (SS-170)

Tautog (SS-199)

Minelayer (CM)

Oglala (CM-4)*

Minesweepers (AM)

Turkey (AM-13)

Bobolink (AM-20)

Rail (AM-26)

Tern (AM-31)

Grebe (AM-43)

Vireo (AM-52)

Coastal Minesweepers (AMc)

Cockatoo (AMc-8)

Crossbill (AMc-9)

Condor (AMc-14)

Reedbird (AMc-30)

Light Minelayers (DM)

Gamble (DM-15)

Ramsay (DM-16)

Montgomery (DM-17)

Breese (DM-18)

Tracy (DM-19)

Preble (DM-20)

Sicard (DM-21)

Pruitt (DM-22)

High Speed Minesweepers (DMS)

Zane (DMS-14)

Wasmuth (DMS-15)

Trever (DMS-16)

Perry (DMS-17)

Gunboat (PG)

Sacramento (PG-19)

Destroyer Tenders (AD)

Dobbin (AD-3)

Whitney (AD-4)

Seaplane Tenders (AV)

Curtiss (AV-4)

Tangier (AV-8)

Seaplane Tenders (Small) (AVP)

Avocet (AVP-4)

Swan (AVP-7) (on Marine Railway)

Seaplane Tenders (Destroyer) (AVD)

Hulbert (AVD-6)

Thornton (AVD-11)

Ammunition Ship (AE)

Pyro (AE-1) (at Naval Ammunition Depot, West Loch)

Oilers (AO)

Ramapo (AO-12)

Neosho (AO-23)

Repair Ships (AR)

Medusa (AR-1)

Vestal (AR-4)

Base Repair Ship (ARb)

Rigel (ARb-1)

Submarine Tender (AS)

Pelias (AS-14)

Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR)

Widgeon (ASR-1)

Hospital Ship (AH)

Solace (AH-5)

Cargo Ship (AK)

Vega (AK-17) (at Honolulu)

General-Stores-Issue Ships (AKS)

Castor (AKS-1)

Antares (AKS-3) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)

Ocean-going Tugs (AT)

Ontario (AT-13)

Sunnadin (AT-28)

Keosanqua (AT-38) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)

Navajo (AT-64) (12 miles outside Pearl Harbor entrance)

Miscellaneous Auxiliaries (AG)

Utah (AG-16)*

Argonne (AG-31)

Sumner (AG-32)

Motor Torpedo Boats (PT)







PT-26 (on pier, Navy Yard)

PT-27 (on board Ramapo)

PT-28 (on pier, Navy Yard)

PT-29 (on board Ramapo)

PT-30 (on board Ramapo)

PT-42 (on board Ramapo)

District Craft

Harbor Tugs (YT)

YT 5

Sotoyomo (YT 9) (in YFD 2 with Shaw)

YT 119

Osceola (YT 129)

YT 130

YT 142

Hoga (YT 146)

YT 152

YT 153 (underway in channel)

Motor Tug (YMT)


Torpedo Testing Barge (YTT)


Net Tenders (YN)

Ash (YN 2)

Cinchona (YN 7)

Cockenoe (YN 47) (Honolulu Harbor)

Marin (YN 53)

Wapello (YN 56)

District Patrol Vessel (YP)

YP 109

Floating Drydock (YFD)

YFD 2 (with Shaw and Sotoyomo docked)

Salvage Pontoons (YSP)

YSP 11

YSP 12

YSP 13

YSP 15

YSP 16

YSP 17

YSP 18

YSP 19

YSP 20

Floating Workshops (YR)

YR 20

YR 22 (alongside Cachalot)

Miscellaneous (Unclassified) (IX)

Cheng Ho (IX 52)

Gate Vessel (YNg)

YNg 17

Garbage Lighters (YG)

YG 15

YG 17

YG 21

Ferryboat (YFB)

Nihoa (YFB 17)

Fuel Oil Barges (YO)

YO 30

YO 43

YO 44

Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (YSD)



Ex-Baltimore (CM 1)

Covered Lighters (YF)

YF 240

YF 241

Open Lighters (YC)

YC 429

YC 470

YC 473

YC 477

YC 651

YC 699

Pontoon Storage Barges (YPK)



Submarine Rescue Chamber (YRC)


Ash Lighter (YA)

YA 66

Water Barge (YW)

YW 10

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