Four Pearl Harbor Documentaries Worth Looking For

March 15, 2017

The World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is an incredible resource for learning what occurred on December 7th, 1941, when the Japan’s aerial and seafaring forces attacked Pearl Harbor, but it can be tough to absorb everything you hear about during the course of your tour. A lot of stories are told, many details are dished out, and it’s very easy to get emotionally caught up in memorials like the USS Arizona, as well as reminders of American naval might such as the Battleship Missouri.

Should you feel that you’ve missed out on something during your tour, couldn’t see all of Pearl Harbor's attractions, or just want to be better informed before partaking in the journey through time, want to watch any of these four Pearl Harbor documentaries.

Pearl Harbor: The Real Story

Like any historic event, there can be different versions of what really happened in the madness of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor: The Real Story aims to address any inconsistencies in the history with three hours of information that covers the stories of 60 different men and women who were present during the Japanese attack.

Pearl Harbor: The Real Story gives a complete look at the attack with these stories showing sides of the attack heretofore untold. Viewers embark on an in-depth journey of not only the attack but of the current state of Pearl Harbor today, including a look into the USS Arizona Memorial.

Pearl Harbor: Two Hours that Changed the World

At around 0800 hours on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese launched a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Documentaries like Pearl Harbor: Two Hours that Changed the World, released in 1991, delivers a complete story through the eyes of survivors and witnesses.

Narrated by newsman David Brinkley, this documentary explores the aftermath of the attacks once the smoke cleared.

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor

The Newspaper Ad Warning For conspiracy theorists wondering what may have been happening behind the scenes before and during the attack on Pearl Harbor, there’s Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor. Told from the viewpoints of the United States, Great Britain, and Japan, this documentary is less about the attack itself and more about the alleged top-secret actions surrounding it. The 1989 BBC documentary discusses how President Franklin Roosevelt may have known about the attack before it happened.

While not as complete as the other documentaries, Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor is a different take, giving you insight into what may have been happening beyond the attack.

Pearl Harbor: The View from Japan

Have you ever wondered what Japan was going through before and during the attack? Pearl Harbor: The View from Japan is all about the Axis power’s perspective of the event. What drove the decision to attack? What did the soldiers who were involved in the attack think about their actions and the decision of their country? The Japanese-produced documentary is unique, putting a more human face to what many Americans in 1941 considered an evil superpower.

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