Enjoy a Personal, In-Depth Experience With the Luxury & Private Tour of Pearl Harbor

June 09, 2016

Slow Down and Learn the Hidden Details of a Famed WWII Battle Ground

Paradise, a World War II Battle ground and the historic Arizona Memorial are just a taste of the locales you can enjoy on Oahu. Escape from the crowds with a private, personalized tour of your favorite World War II sites. From gorgeous beaches to top attractions, you can enjoy everything that Oahu has to offer.

Tour Oahu in Style

If you have ever been to any tourist destination, you know the pain of waiting in line. Instead of spending your vacation sweating it out in a mile-long line, skip directly to the front. As you travel from stop to stop in an air-conditioned, private charter van, you can enjoy skipping the lines and walking directly into each exhibit. Your luxury mini-coach picks you up in Waikiki with a breakfast bar and chilled bottled water. While you enjoy a delicious breakfast, your guide will start to narrate the tour and history about Pearl Harbor. To help you orientate yourself in the history of the event, the tour continues with a 23-minute documentary about the air attack that uses actual footage from the event.
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A Personalized Tour

Normally, the worst part about a tour is that you are rushed along from location to location. When you are tired of an exhibit and want to move on, it seems like you spend hours discussing uninteresting topics. If the exhibit intrigues you, it always seems like it is the only one that you fly by. With a personalized tour, you get to choose how fast or slow you move along. You can customize the locations that you visit, the amount of time you spend at each destination and every aspect of your tour. Whether you want to explore the history of Pearl Harbor or attempt a record in the world's largest maze, you can do so.
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Relax and Avoid the Rush

Without the lines or waits of a normal tour, you can spend more time looking at the exhibits that you enjoy. As you are chauffeured through Oahu and Wahiawa, you can visit locations like the USS Arizona Memorial, the World War II Valor in the Pacific Memorial and the Dole Plantation. At the plantation, you can enjoy a pineapple DoleWhip or race through the world's largest maze, which is made entirely from Hawaiian plants. For a scenic trip around the plantation, hop on the historic train that still runs on the site.

For a relaxing experience, enjoy surfing and sunbathing at the famed North Shore. Top surfers are drawn to this area due to the phenomenal swells at Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline. A breathtaking panoramic view can be enjoyed at the Pali Lookout in the Koolau Mountain Range, or you can check out the sea life Hanauma Bay's living coral reef. For nature lovers, the National Natural Monument and Diamond Head are popular spots that are visited by 3,000 hikers every day.

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Unwind in Style in a Luxury Van

Luxury breakfast bars, chilled air-conditioned interiors and cushioned seating are all just a part of the experience in a luxury charter van. If you want to tour Oahu and Pearl Harbor in style, this is the best option. Within the mini-coach, you can relax as the tour guide narrates the entire trip. While you skip the lines, the driver takes care of the van. Instead of returning to a steamy, hot car at the end of your tour, you will find the lavish charter van pre-cooled for your return. Every departure and pick-up location is decided by you for the ultimate level of convenience. Whether you want to commune with nature or learn the intimate details of Pearl Harbor's history, your tour can be modified to accommodate all of your interests.

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