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Japanese Leaders

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The Ceremony Marking the End of World War II

October 18, 2018 ·  
September 2, 1945. More than two weeks had passed since the Japanese laid down their arms and declared they would no longer fight the Allies in the Pacific. The United States and the other Allies organized a ceremony in which Japanese representatives would sign an Instrument of Surrender, formally marking the end of World War […]
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The Secret Japanese Plan for Biological Warfare

October 13, 2018 ·  
As World War II started to draw to its inevitable conclusion, the Japanese became increasingly desperate. Japan, which had had been suffering crippling defeats, wasn't about to go down without causing as much damage to their enemies as they could. That included making plans for a biological warfare attack that would have devastated the west […]
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Tojo's Teeth: A Dentist's Revenge

September 11, 2018 ·  
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the devastating war that followed, many Americans wanted revenge, and some got in the most unexpected ways. One of the oddest might be the story of Tojo's teeth. Jack Mallory, a US Navy dental prosthetics specialist, didn’t return home after the war ended. Rather, he was assigned […]
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The Misplaced Confidence of Hideki Tojo

July 27, 2018 ·  
Japanese Prime Minister Gen. Hideki Tojo hadn’t even seen the results of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor when he started to declare Japan’s ability to defeat the United States and Allied forces in the Pacific. It’s known that the Japanese leadership had great confidence in their navy, but the fact that Tojo […]
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Minoru Genda and His Role in the Pearl Harbor Attack

July 11, 2018 ·  
An assault as complex as the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor required ideas and input from many different sources. To sail across the Pacific and launch an attack on the US naval base on Oahu without being detected en route required immense planning. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is credited as the mastermind behind the […]
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The Man Who Ordered Pearl Harbor: Hideki Tojo

July 05, 2018 ·  
Hideki Tojo was born on December 30th, 1884. His father was Hidenori Tojo, a well-respected officer in the Imperial Japanese Army. Tojo received a typical education for Japanese young men of the time. Meiji-era education revolved primarily around training boys to grow up to be soldiers. Students were taught to revere war and honor the Emperor, […]
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Shigekazu Shimazaki: Leading the Second Wave

May 30, 2018 ·  
In September of 1941, 33-year-old Lt. Cmdr. Shigekazu Shimazaki was assigned to be the equipping officer of the aircraft carrier Zuikaku, which had been commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy just days prior. It was in this capacity that he and his ship, together with the rest of Japan's First Air Fleet, set sail towards […]
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Was the Attack on Pearl Harbor Illegal?

May 22, 2018 ·  
Causing the deaths of 2,403 individuals would in most cases be considered illegal without question. In times of war, however, the rules can be a bit murkier. In the Pacific Theater, over 100,000 Americans died in battle, but these deaths weren’t war crimes. They were the tragic but expected product of a conflict that was […]
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America's Revenge on Yamamoto

April 20, 2018 ·  
On April 18, 1943, the United States finally got its revenge on the man responsible for the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor seventeen months previously. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto had been the mastermind behind the attack, and the Americans were determined to make him pay. On December 7, 1941, the United States had suffered the worst […]
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The Long and Eventful Reign of Hirohito

March 13, 2018 ·  
To many in the Japanese leadership in 1941, there appeared to be only one way to get the United States to back off and allow their expansion across Chinese territories: a military attack to destroy the US Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor. The plan drawn up by Isoroku Yamamoto had the approval of most […]
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