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World War II Terms to Know: Kamikaze

September 27, 2018 ·  
Most of the War in the Pacific following the attack on Pearl Harbor was fought with bombs, artillery shells, and bullets. The Japanese, however, had an additional method of attacking. In circumstances when it was deemed more important to inflict damage on the enemy than return home safely, they turned to the act of self-sacrifice […]
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Enemy Aircraft: Nakajima B5N "Kate"

May 31, 2018 ·  
The innocent-sounding “Kate” of World War II was anything but sweet. It was a warplane designed to lay waste to its targets through the bombs it dropped from higher altitudes. Officially known as the Nakajima B5N bomber, the “Kate” (the Allies' name for the aircraft) was a fearsome tool of the Imperial Japanese Navy's Air […]
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Beyond Torpedoes and Bombs: What is Strafing?

May 20, 2018 ·  
When learning about the details of the morning of December 7, 1941, when the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the United States Naval Base in Oahu, the focus is usually on the devastation caused by the bombs and torpedoes dropped by the attackers on the ships of Pearl Harbor. But there was […]
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Childhood Memories of Pearl Harbor

May 02, 2018 · Jason Alghussein
Their combined age at the time was barely old enough to enlist. Still, Pat Campbell and Jimmy Lee had front row seats for one of the most devastating events in American history. Here are some of their memories of Pearl Harbor and the attack that changed the course of history. The best way to remember […]
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Pearl Harbor Scourge: Mitsubishi A6M Zero

April 09, 2018 ·  
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese A6M Zero Model 21 manufactured by Mitsubishi was one of the most iconic participants in the attack on Pearl Harbor. While the bombers inflicted the bulk of the damage, the Zero fighter planes kept the American forces at bay, strafing battleship decks and airfields to maximize the deadly efficiency […]
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Pacific Aviation Museum's Hangar 37

January 20, 2018 ·  
During the course of American aviation history, the aerial fleet of the US military has undergone vast changes to keep up with the changing demands of warfare. Aircraft that were once simple flying machines have evolved into complex and powerful planes capable of delivering deadly payloads that could level cities. The Pacific Aviation Museum at […]
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The Japanese Weapons of Pearl Harbor

November 17, 2017 ·  
There were a lot of military assets involved in the Pearl Harbor attack, from the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters to the vessels lined up at Battleship Row. Working in Japan’s favor was not just the fact that nobody at the American naval base knew they were coming, but also some of the armament at its […]
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Iconic Aircraft of World War II

October 02, 2017 ·  
Aerial combat played a huge part in the Second World War, including in the Pacific Theater, which unfolded across multiple islands. From this emphasis on aerial combat, several iconic aerial fighters emerged that were used widely and recognized for their power, speed, and reliability. There were many types of fighters that could be touted as […]
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Pearl Harbor: The Third Wave That Never Came

August 17, 2017 ·  
Over the course of two hours, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched two destructive waves of fighters and bombers on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. The attack caused the deaths of over 2,400 Americans and left an immense amount of damage in its wake; but as devastating as it was at the time, the […]
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The Leader of the Japanese Striking Force

June 18, 2017 ·  
The planning of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was headed by Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku. Though he was the idea man who determined when and how the attack would take place, Yamamoto had no part in the actual attack, instead selecting another notable naval aviator to lead the Japanese Striking Force in its charge on Pearl Harbor. Within nine […]
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