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Why Is the Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor?

May 16, 2021 · Chris 
When you take a closer look at the different exhibits and memorials at Pearl Harbor, you find that some of them have no physical connection to the December 7, 1941 attack. For instance, USS Missouri (BB-63) hadn’t even been built at the time of the attack. Another example is USS Bowfin (SS-287), the submarine that’s located […]
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Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS St. Louis

September 18, 2019 ·  
USS St. Louis (CL-49), a Brooklyn-class light cruiser, was launched on April 15, 1938 and commissioned into the US Navy on May 19, 1939. She was the fifth ship of the Navy to bear the name of the Midwestern city. After her initial shakedown, completed in October of 1939, USS St. Louis began operating in the […]
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5 Pearl Harbor "Tours" To Avoid

August 10, 2019 ·  
For most people, coming to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor is something that requires a lot of planning. It's also not cheap. The flights tend to be long and costly; preparations and packing can be time consuming; and scrolling through dozens of different tour options can feel like a full-time job. Given all that, you […]
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Cassin Young - Pearl Harbor Hero

June 21, 2019 ·  
Cassin Young was already an American hero when his life was tragically cut short during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Just under a year earlier, on the morning of December 7, 1941, the 47-year-old captain was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Imperial Japanese Navy launched their devastating attack. Early Years Born in Washington, DC […]
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Can I Visit Punchbowl Cemetery?

May 03, 2019 ·  
During a visit to Pearl Harbor, there's no shortage of opportunities to memorialize and honor the over 2400 Americans who died on December 7, 1941. From the USS Arizona Memorial program, which is included in all Pearl Harbor tours, to the USS Oklahoma Memorial, you can stop to salute the heroes of the nation. But […]
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Tireless Advocate for USS Oklahoma Unknowns Has Died

August 21, 2018 · Jason Alghussein
Ray Emory, a Pearl Harbor survivor who spent many years advocating on behalf of the men killed aboard USS Oklahoma (BB-37) whose remains were never identified, has died at the age of 97. Mr. Emory had recently moved from his long-time home in Hawaii to live with his son in Idaho. Read more about Ray Emory […]
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Sleep of the Saved: Churchill's Reaction to Pearl Harbor

September 09, 2017 ·  
The American reaction to Pearl Harbor is not surprising. Fear mixed with shock and anger led to a readiness to enter the Second World War, ending the isolationism that had been US policy up to that point. Across the Atlantic, however, reactions were less predictable. With no direct ties to the naval base at Pearl […]
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Iconic Locations of the Pacific Theater

September 08, 2017 ·  
Though World War II was fought all around the globe—from the tiniest of islands to the most expansive of countries—there were certain locations that proved to be more significant than others. If you want to take a tour of all of the most crucial sites of World War II, it’s going to be a hefty […]
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February 1932: The Other "Attack on Pearl Harbor"

March 20, 2017 ·  
We all recognize December 7th, 1941 as the day the Japanese swept through Pearl Harbor, leaving behind a wake of destruction that instigated America’s involvement in World War II. How about February 7th, 1932, though? It was well before the Second World War broke out, but tensions were already on the rise between the United States […]
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Destroyer Division 80

March 19, 2017 ·  
The USS Ward, USS Schley, USS Allen, USS Chew: They may not be among the better-known vessels that were present during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but their presence that morning was more prominent than their absence in retellings may make it seem. The four ships, all destroyer-class vessels in the United States Navy, made […]
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