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Pearl Harbor Welcomes the USS Illinois

May 24, 2017 · Jason Alghussein
Pearl Harbor may best be known to civilians for its place in American history, but not everything about the iconic naval base is rooted in the past. The USS Arizona Memorial is the iconic face of December 7, 1941, and while it continues to draw travelers from all over the globe to honor those lost […]
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Could Pearl Harbor Happen Again?

February 19, 2017 ·  
America the Vulnerable On December 7th, 1941, no one stationed at Battleship Row or anywhere else in Pearl Harbor had the slightest inkling that the morning would end in bloodshed and tragedy. For them, it was a calm Sunday morning, their breakfast just another in a long string of monotonous meals. It wasn’t ignorance on their […]
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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Visit to Pearl Harbor

December 31, 2016 ·  
Japan’s Pearl Harbor Visit On December 7th, 1941, Japanese bombers flew in to Pearl Harbor, dropping bombs, torpedoes, and machine gun fire on unsuspecting American servicemen and citizens, marking a strong and evident divide between the United States and Japan. Since the end of World War II and the reparation of the American and Japanese […]
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The Perils of War: The Environmental Impact of the Harbor’s Black Tears

December 23, 2016 ·  
When you visit the USS Arizona Memorial you can see the oil seeping from the sunken ship's ruptured hull. Even 75 years later, the wreckage of the great battleship continues to leak about eight quarts per day into the harbor. To locals, these are the Black Tears of the Arizona, a fitting name as the USS Arizona […]
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How the Movie Pearl Harbor Told Its Own Version of the Attacks

December 14, 2016 ·  
Hollywood vs. Reality Seventy-five years ago, the military harbor on the coast of Oahu experienced one of the most devastating attacks in American history. Thousands lost their lives and the entire country was thrust into a war it had tried to stay out of. With the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, history was made, and […]
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DNA Helps Identify Victims of the Pearl Harbor Attack

July 08, 2016 ·  
USS Oklahoma Sailor Accounted for Decades Later A total of 16 million Americans served in the military during the Second World War. Of these millions, 400,000 died and 79,000 of them remained unaccounted for. In the attack on Pearl Harbor alone, 2,335 heroes gave their lives in a single day. While the unidentified troops were […]
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Wounded Warrior Games - Pacific

June 29, 2016 ·  
The first Wounded Warrior Pacific Invitational was held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hosted primarily at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, this competition attracted a total of 150 participants. The Wounded Warrior Pacific Invitational was the largest joint-service competition, after the annual Warrior Games. At the event, service members from the Special Operations Command, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and Marines took […]
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Hero and Remembrance Run, Walk or Roll Event Honors the Fallen

June 25, 2016 ·  
Last year, thousands of runners joined together to honor service members who have fallen since 9/11. Known as the Hero and Remembrance Run, this event spans eight kilometers. Whether individuals are in wheelchairs or want to sprint, the run is designed to be inclusive of every type of service member and their family. The Fisher […]
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