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The Civilian Pearl Harbor Hero

June 04, 2019 ·  
When George Walters reported for work on the morning of December 7, 1941, there was no way he could have been prepared for the dramatic turn his day would soon take. Walters wasn’t a trained member of the military like many of those with whom he worked. He was a civilian working a living as […]
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Wartime Blackouts: From Drills to Reality

November 20, 2018 ·  
Relations between the United States and Japan were quickly deteriorating. The rulers of Japan wanted to occupy more and more of China and Southeast Asia. The United States sought to prevent this expansion, but to do so meant taking actions that Japan would find unacceptably intrusive. It was no secret that Japan was displeased with […]
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The History of the Hawaii Overprint Note

June 02, 2018 ·  
The worst case scenario wasn’t an impossible one: in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan would invade Hawaii, overrun it, and use it as a launching point for an attack on the US mainland. As much as the United States was preparing itself to repel such an invasion, it also had contingencies in […]
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The Varsity Victory Volunteers

July 05, 2017 ·  
The attack on Pearl Harbor was a disaster felt across the United States, but from that monumental tragedy came tales of heroics and patriotism. Stories like that of the Varsity Victory Volunteers, a band of Japanese-American college students who stepped up to defend the country that would soon turn on them. Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, […]
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The Pearl Harbor Baby

June 22, 2017 ·  
Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to find any ray of light when a dark cloud washes over an entire nation. The December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor seemed to leave the United States devoid of any happiness, but even the greatest of tragedies can’t sully the most remarkable of events. An Unexpected Attack At 0755, […]
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The Young Heroes of Pearl Harbor

June 20, 2017 ·  
The heroes of Pearl Harbor included more than just the sailors aboard the vessels that took the brunt of the attack, or the servicemen who scrambled to fight back with little more than their rifles. They weren’t just the local nurses who dropped everything to assist the injured or the volunteers who assisted with the clean-up […]
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The Lost Top-Secret Pearl Harbor Mission

May 06, 2017 ·  
During the early days of the war in Europe, the United States implemented a program within Hawaii that selected a group of prominent citizens throughout Honolulu who would be of strategic value in the event of an act of war against the nation. While the US did its best to avoid joining the war, by 1941, after […]
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Terminal Island: A Lost Tale of World War II

April 13, 2017 ·  
The attack on Pearl Harbor changed thousands of lives. The most frequently talked about are the 2,403 American servicemen who died during the attack. What’s often overlooked, since it doesn’t paint the United States in the best light, are the over 100,000 Japanese and Japanese-American citizens who were incarcerated in internment camps shortly after the attack. Distrusting anyone […]
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Pearl Harbor’s Civilians

March 22, 2017 ·  
The level of devastation that the military installation at Pearl Harbor sustained after the Japanese launched a surprise attack on December 7, 1941 was dumbfounding, but the damage extended further than Battleship Row and the decimated airfields. While Japan’s fighters and bombers had clear targets and were aiming at the large battleships moored in the harbor and […]
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