Can I Extend My Passport to Pearl Harbor?

August 21, 2019

You've decided to visit Pearl Harbor on your own, so you purchased the Passport to Pearl Harbor. Perhaps you got a later start to the day than you anticipated, or maybe you just like to really take your time to explore everything in depth. For whatever reason, there is a possibility you might not make it through Pearl Harbor in one day. Considering all of the things there are to see and all of the information there is to absorb, you may realize that there are still memorials, exhibits, and museums you haven't explored and closing time is approaching. You might find yourself asking, "Is there anything I can do? Is it possible to extend my Passport to Pearl Harbor?"

The good news is, if you booked the Passport to Pearl Harbor and have another day left on Oahu, you’re not entirely out of luck. If you become aware that you need more time to explore all of the Pearl Harbor sites, you can make arrangements to return another day.

Extending Your Passport to Pearl Harbor Tickets

Ticket booth where you pick up—and extend—your Passport to Pearl Harbor

Ticket booth where you pick up—and extend—your Passport to Pearl Harbor

Let’s say you come on a Monday and spend a good portion of the day making use of your Pearl Harbor tickets, but realize that it's getting close to 5:00 PM, when everything at Pearl Harbor closes for the day. With most museums and attractions, you’d be out of luck.

With the Passport to Pearl Harbor, however, you do have the opportunity to extend your visit to a second day. All you have to do is return to the ticket booth where you picked up your Passport and explain your situation. There is a fee for this service, but it’s worth it to ensure you get to see everything that Pearl Harbor has to offer. Whether you missed out on the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum or didn’t get a chance to board the Battleship Missouri, this extension lets you return for another day at Pearl Harbor. This option can be especially helpful in case you arrived too late to get tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program, which is something you definitely don't want to miss.

The only requirement, beyond the fee, is that you return within the following seven-day period. Sorry, there’s no way to leave and return for a second day several months down the line. But if you have some free time during your current visit, you can come back and explore the rest of Pearl Harbor.

Plan for a Full Day

Aerial view of USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri

There is a lot to see at Pearl Harbor

One of the more common reasons people miss out on Pearl Harbor’s important sites is that they didn’t plan the day thoroughly. When you think of a typical museum, you might expect to spend a few hours there. While Pearl Harbor is, in a way, like a museum, this isn’t a two- or three-hour experience. If you take the time to explore everything included in the Passport, you can easily spend the entire day—open to close—at Pearl Harbor. This includes the USS Arizona Memorial program, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, as well as the Battleship Missouri and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. As we said, there is a lot to see.

Can’t fit everything into one day at Pearl Harbor? Don’t fret. With the Passport to Pearl Harbor, you can come back on a second day to finish your self-guided tour.

Of course, you can avoid these concerns by booking a Pearl Harbor tour. All Pearl Harbor tours include transportation, tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program, and a guide to keep you on schedule so you're sure to see everything you came to see.

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