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Pearl Harbor Quotes

By: J. Owen

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="256"] Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on the right.[/caption] Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Quotes [catlist name="adolf-hitler-quotes" catlink=yes excerpt=yes numberposts=1000] [catlist name="fdr-quotes" catlink=yes excerpt=yes numberposts=1000] Read More

Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

By: Bruce Danforth

Visitors to Hawaii are often surprised by our prices. Over 80% of the products you find in Hawaii are shipped here, which causes our prices to be higher than other… Read More

Survivor George Allen Celebrates 95th Birthday

By: Mark Loproto

At the age of 20, George Allen had been enlisted in the United States armed forces for over a year when he found himself sucked into one of the most… Read More

Sights of Oahu – Explore the History, Enjoy the Adventure

By: Mark Loproto

There are many reasons why a trip to Oahu should be on everyone’s bucket list, but there's one that may not have occurred to you. On the southern coast of… Read More

Pearl Harbor: What’s Not Included?

By: Mark Loproto

These days, it seems safe to assume that there are always hidden costs. Book a hotel room, and you can be sure you’ll be hit with a "resort fee." Purchase… Read More

Pearl Harbor Survivor Ed Johann Turns 95

By: Birte Petersen

In 1941, one of the greatest tragedies in American history happened at Pearl Harbor, in the Territory of Hawaii, when Japanese airplanes launched a surprise attack on the Navy base… Read More

Honoring Pearl Harbor Survivor Adolph Kuhn

By: Chris Ramos

INTRODUCTION Adolph Kuhn: An American Journey (1921-Present) Amazed at the grandeur of Oz when she first arrived, Dorothy proclaimed to Toto, “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Following… Read More

Visiting Pearl Harbor FAQs & Tips

By: Bruce Danforth

[qafp cat=visiting-pearl-harbor] Check out our Pearl Harbor Tour Comparison Chart. Was your answer not there? Ask the Pearl Harbor experts your question below? [contact-form-7 id="13339" title="Contact form Visit Pearl Harbor… Read More

FAQs – Questions about Pearl Harbor

By: Bruce Danforth

[qafp] If your questions about Pearl Harbor have not been answered, please contact us for more information. [contact-form-7 id="48362" title="Contact form FAQs"] Read More

Site Map

By: emerg

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