Top 4 Oahu Activities

By: Bruce D.

Asking about the most popular activities is a good way to start research about visiting a new place. Oahu has many different activities for many different types of people.

At the top of the list, of course, is Pearl Harbor. It is an important monument for the people of the United States, for the People of Hawaii, but also for the world. Pearl Harbor marks the beginning of the US involvement in World War Two.

It is also  a very good experience. Many people are dragged to Pearl Harbor against their will by their parents, spouses, teachers, or grandparents. These same people continually write to us to tell us how much they loved visiting Pearl Harbor. It is a history lesson that people enjoy.

Second is the Circle Island Tour. If you come to Oahu, you must see the island. It would be a shame to come to Oahu and never leave Waikiki Beach. There are excellent beaches around the island, as well as waterfalls, lookouts, temples, and other sights you shouldn’t miss. The best way to see them is on a circle island tour.

We offer a tour that visits Pearl Harbor and continues around Oahu to see all the sites.

Third on our list of Oahu activities is the Polynesian Cultural Center. There is simply nothing else like it. You can spend the whole day there, but we prefer to stop for a few hours on a tour around the island. That tour is the Pearl Harbor & Polynesian Cultural Center Tour.

Finally, the most exciting Oahu activity is ziplining. Oahu opened its first zipline tour in 2014. They are very popular among locals and visitors. We highly recommend taking a zipline tour and getting an adrenaline rush before relaxing on the beach. You can trust the guys over at to get you on the best zipline experience for you.

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