ford island

The Admiral Clarey Bridge

By: Mark Loproto

From the moment you arrive at Pearl Harbor and step through the main entrance into the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you’ll find that there is much to take in. There... Read More

American Aviation History on Ford Island

By: Mark Loproto

Most tours of Pearl Harbor include stops at the museums and monuments on Ford Island. Located in the middle of Pearl Harbor, Ford Island is a 441-acre island that's prominent... Read More

The History of Hangar 37 on Ford Island

By: Mark Loproto

Getting to know every element of a place as rich in history as Pearl Harbor can be a daunting task. When planning a visit to this important site and the... Read More

Ford Island Hawaii

By: J. Owen

Ford Island is an islet located in the middle of Pearl Harbor. It is 441 acres (178 hectares).  The ownership of Ford Island changed hands a few times before becoming property of... Read More